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Apollo Crews On Taking Gymnastics, Working The Indy Scene

Recently on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, NXT’s Apollo Crews talked about a number of subjects including his gymnastics background, wanting to become NXT Champion before moving onto WWE’s main roster, and whether he would consider having a manager.

When asked where his highflying moves come from, Crews admitted that he took gymnastics as a youth, though he stopped taking classes when other kids started to make fun of him. In retrospect, Crews wishes that he stuck with it.

“I took gymnastics as a young kid. I could always flip. I’d be on my bed or whatever, trampolines, just doing the most random stuff.” Crews continued, “[people] are harsh as kids. I wish I had my mentality now when I was a kid because, right now, I wouldn’t really care what people thought back then. But, back then, I cared what people thought, so I’d take gymnastics [and other kids would say], like, ‘ah, naw, that’s not something a guy should be doing,’ just teasing me [and] picking at me for doing that.”

Crews stated that his dream has always been to make it to WWE. At the time he was first signed to a WWE developmental deal, he did not even know that he was on WWE’s radar.

“It was always a goal [to make it to WWE]. Like, the reason I did start working on the indies and doing those things before I got here was to get here, so it was cool. At the time I was asked to come here, I didn’t even know if WWE knew about me.”

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    Apollo Crews looks like a stunt double for Bobby Lashley.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      very true. hopefully he has a better run than Lashley

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