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Austin Aries Comments on Turnover in the TNA Locker Room

Austin Aries spoke with Doug Mortman & Dave Lagreca about the high turnover in the TNA locker room.

You look at it two ways. Some people look at the turnover and the releases and they put a negative connotation on it but I think in any business and especially in the sports world, you need to keep that middle ground fresh and in wrestling, it’s the same way. You give guys opportunities, some guys run with the brass ring and some don’t but you can’t stagnant with that, you need turnover because it keeps that fire lit under everybody, keeps everyone performing to the best of their abilities, no one gets comfortable, you don’t want anybody getting comfortable and going to work and collecting a paycheck. You want to keep people on their toes and I don’t think the turnover is a bad thing. It gives new guys opportunities, it keeps fresh faces for the fans and they don’t get sick with the same old, same old and that’s a successful recipe for any business.”

Aries also commented on the controversy surrounding the crotch incident with Christy Hemme.

“That’s a difficult situation. I’m not going to say a whole lot about it but it was an unfortunate event. I’ll just say I was disappointed in the way things were handled in multiple levels and I think I will leave it at that for now.”

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  • Ya Boy J Black

    Reason number 1 why TNA is failing, for some reason they see Christy Hemme as a draw. She the highest paid knockout, and she just announces. She had a right to be a little upset but it was almost like TNA consider her higher on the totem pole than Aries the way they handled the situation

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      Hemme also does management work with TNA, so did SoCal Val.

      • jcice13

        it doesn’t matter if she only sold popcorn at the’s sexual harassment pure and simple

        • Poppy’s Hammer

          Ehhhh, why you are replying about sexual harassment to my comment? I was stating that Hemme does more than just announcing.

          • jcice13

            yes I realized that but your comment was added to the absurdity that was espoused by mr Ya Boy J Black and not saying that what you wrote was absurd, but when it is read by Ya Boy he could take it to mean that that was the reasoning behind Aries’ punishment. so what I did was just add that no matter what Hemme did it’s not something that should be tolerated, it was in no way an indictment on you

    • jcice13

      that is about the worst reasoning in the world I’ve ever heard about a sexual harassment case, she had the right to be a “little” upset???? the MAN attacked a woman by cornering her and sticking his crotch in her face, this wasn’t an angle or scripted, this was a man who got pissed off because she made a mistake on his ring intro??? news flash boy black this had nothing to do with TNA thinking she’s higher up the totem pole than anyone else, this had everything to do with the law suit that hemme should have brought against him and it would be a no brainer for any jury because there was video of the incident.. give me a break, how would you like a female member of your family get treated like that at her workplace???

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