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The Authority Out For Months? + RAW Teaser Mentions Shane McMahon

The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) have been removed from all TV shows until at least May 23. While Shane McMahon isn’t booked for those shows, WWE hasn’t been advertising his appearance every week in a row. Based of tomorrow’s teaser for RAW, it sounds like Shane McMahon will once again be in charge.

The teaser read,

Shane McMahon continued his hot streak across the pond in London, running his third consecutive Raw thanks to the unbelievable support of the WWE Universe. However, Monday night’s hottest show now ventures to Hartford, Conn., mere minutes from The Authority’s offices in WWE Headquarters.

“We haven’t seen Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Raw since WrestleMania, nor have we gotten their thoughts on Shane-O-Mac’s job performance. Will The Authority arrive to put an end to Shane’s new era, or will they actually deem him “best for business” at the helm of Raw?”

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  • Zack

    I’d give them until just before Battleground. Appropriate PPV name.

  • Lisa

    The Authority sucks. They are both stale and annoying.

    • Mark B.

      I feel the same about Shane McMahon. He has been in charge for a while, yet no action. None of them compare to Vince. Maybe we need a new Raw General Manager. Maybe Paul Heyman. Don’t hate the Authority too much. They might get replaced by Hulk Hogan. Then Raw would be over. Or maybe Mick Foley. Then the world would be over.

      • Lisa

        Shane is great. He’s very popular with fans too. He should be the permanent authority figure of Raw.

  • Mark B.

    What I heard, was that Shane vs the Authority is about to bust open. This Monday or next Monday.

  • Ziriak

    I wonder if Shane was originally planned to win at mania. The whole control of raw stipulation seems pretty pointless now.

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