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Backlash 2016 Results: Becky Lynch Survives Elimination Match For Women’s Championship

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon welcome us to the show. They hype the evening and we’re starting with the elimination match to crown the first SmackDown Women’s Champion. Becky is out first and gets the biggest pop. Nikki gets the second best pop.

The ring clears with Becky and Naomi left. Each superstar gets a chance to showcase their skills. Alexa Bliss breaks up a submission for some reason. She might know the concept of the match. Nikki finally gets her hands on Carmella. Suplex off the top rope and powerbomb combo between Nikki, Carmella and Natalya. Naomi with a springboard off the ropes and to the outside. Everyone is down. Blockbuster powerbomb combo from Natalya and Naomi to eliminate Bliss. Nikki takes Naomi out with a forearm and Natalya locks in the sharpshooter. Naomi taps and is eliminated.  Nikki eliminates Natalya with her finisher. Carmella uses a rollup to eliminate Nikki and she might have held the tights.

We’re down to Carmella and Becky. The winner gets the title as the crowd chants for Becky. Too much smack talk from Carmella and Becky gets the Dis-arm-her for the submission win. Becky cuts a promo after the match thanking fans for supporting her. She jokes about not knowing how to hold the gold belt.

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