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Backlash 2016 Results: Maryse Blinds Dolph Ziggler, The Miz’s Contract Negotiations Rise

The Miz has a confrontation with Daniel Bryan. The champ wants a better contract and Bryan doesn’t speak. Eventually, The Miz heads to the back and says negotiations will be tougher when he returns with the belt.

Chain wrestling to start. Ziggler is catapulted over the top rope and the announce team says he hurt his shoulder. The Miz focuses on the shoulder. The Miz cracks his shoulder into the corner and it sounds like something broke. Somehow, The Miz catches Ziggler and bounces him off the ropes and into a powerbomb.

Besides a bad shoulder, Ziggler has a hurt knee. The figure-four leg lock does more damage, but Ziggler gets to the ropes.  Maryse sprays something in Ziggler’s face and The Miz hits a skull crushing finale on a blinded challenger. Negotiations just got more expensive.

WrestleNewz’s play by play coverage of Backlash continues.

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