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Backstage Fallout from SmackDown, Goldberg Re-tweets Comment, More

– Below is Backstage Fallout from last night’s SmackDown:

– Goldberg re-tweeted the following comment from a fan during last night’s SmackDown:

“why does @TripleH DVD promos gets shoved down our throats but yet @Goldberg DVD promo gets like 2 mentions at most is #bullshit #SmackDown”

– Matt Morgan has a new fantasy football radio show called “The Fantasy Blueprint” with co-host Nathan Zegura. The first show was last night on Sirius 87 and XM 210 at 6pm EST.

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  • Edynol

    Awww. Poor Goldberg. His dvd isn’t getting as much attention as someone who actually cares about and busts his ass for the company. News flash Bill, most of us don’t really care about you anymore. You’re old news. You want more recognition? Then come back and give us a reason to recognize you. Don’t let Goldberg chants directed at Ryback give you the impression you’re still relevant.

    I mean, would I like to see him come back and wrestle? Yes. But until he does come and proves he can still back up his talk, I don’t give two hoots about him. He talks like he’s gods gift to wrestling when in reality he was never all that special. People say Ryback is a Goldberg copy, but if you look back, Goldberg was a Psycho Sid copy. Sid had had a run a lot like Goldberg’s early on. He was big, strong, quick, and agile. Goldberg was just a younger version and wrestling was more popular at that point than when Sid started. Then After Sid came Issac Yankem, which failed so they repackaged him as Kane.

    Point is, everything Goldberg is has been done several times before, just he was lucky enough to come in at the right time when Pro Wrestling was really hitting the mainstream. I mean, if you take Glenn Jacobs, Sid, Ryback, or anyone like that and switch their birth dates with Goldberg, and we’d be talking about them right now instead of him.

    • JH

      I agree with all you said, except I’d hate to see him come back, the way he talks about the way he doesn’t like the way wwe does business leads me to believe he still doesn’t understand what pro wrestling is.

      • Edynol

        I understand that. Don’t blame ya one bit. I don’t really care if he comes back or not. Just saying I wouldn’t object to it as long as he can still put on a good show and puts someone over.

        • THALONERSTONER Darryl

          Goldberg put someone over never gonna happen

          • Edynol

            Well the same was said about HHH for a good while. lol. And John Cena more recently, until he put over DB.

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