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Hulk Hogan has Backstage Heat for 2K Video Game Deal

Even though people appear to be fine with Hulk Hogan making a deal with 2K Sports to appear in WWE2K14, many within the company took it as a slap in the face of TNA.

Hogan’s contract with the company is also set to expire in the next couple of months. Hogan was not at the last pair of Impact Wrestling tapings as a cost saving measure, but will be returning at this Thursday’s taping in Cleveland, OH.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    What are they gonna do fire Hogan? He’s bleeding them dry and doesn’t care.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Hogan should have expected this you can’t do another deal with another company especially if the company are rivals

    • Macho Man

      Sure Hogan can! TNA signed a contract with Hogan that says he can!

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Ok i meant Can’t not can but i changed the word

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    Hogan will be back 2 WWE real soon. I could see him as g.m.

    • james clinton

      Vince is smart enough to see hogan is a douche and doesn’t draw worth a darn.
      More like hogan is gonna be out of work real soon.

      • Macho Man

        If Hogan wants to continue to be in the pro wresting business when he’s done with TNA Vince will find a role for him. Hogan is a Vince orginal creation and Vince favors his original guys. If he can find a place for Ric Flair then he will find a place for Hulk Hogan.

        • YM5

          “hey Terry? yeah its Vince… yep we just bought TNA…. yep everybody’s homeless uh huh… you need how much for the rent? well come up to Stamford we’ll figure out a deal uhhh… you teach Big E the leg drop, we’ll give ya two months… sound good? okay you teach him the Axe Bomber too and we’ll do three months…. you got yourself a deal Hulkster”

          • Macho Man

            Your right! That could happen. Or Vince could make him a GM or a Manager on one of the shows. Or he could just have him doing none TV things for WWE. Hogan still makes companies money no matter what anybody says. It’s why Vince brought him back before and why he would bring him back again. He doesn’t bring money in to the degree he did when he was an active wrestler but he can still bring money in for WWE and Vince knows it.

          • Chelsii?

            Someone please ban Hogan from TV and ban Hogan marks from talking about him.

          • Macho Man

            Someone please ban you from this website! Funny how you can be a Steve Austin mark and blow his horn all day and night but god forbid we give anyone else credit for what they’ve done or contributed to pro wrestling! Hogan deserves credit for what he has done in the business! The guys 60 doesn’t wrestle anymore and STILL draws people! I’m beginning to think Hulk refused you an autograph or something! I can’t wait tell Vince brings him back to WWE! It’s going to be a sad day for you!

          • Chelsii?

            What Hogan has done is nothing compared to what Austin did, that’s the difference. Hogan doesn’t draw, don’t be stupid.. if he did, TNA wouldn’t still have the same 0.90 ratings every week. Hogan doesn’t draw. Lol.

            If you think Vince would bring back Hogan for something more than a legends contract, you are out of your mind. He isn’t gonna rely on some old man who can’t walk straight for ratings.

          • Macho Man

            You pro wrestling fans who can’t give other guys credit for what they have done in/for the business make me sick! To hear you tell it Austin is the only one who has done anything for pro wrestling! Your types are the biggest MARK’S of them all! We’ve been over this before TNA’s problems are internal just like WCW’s were. Hogan was brought in to save and help prolong each companies lives. Rather pathetic for TNA though as his in ring career was over by the time they signed Hogan. I think your just bitter that when Hogan went back to WWE after his run in WCW Vince saw it fit to thrust Hollywood Hogan in the main event of WRESTLEMANIA (YET AGAIN) with The Rock instead of your guy Austin. Get over it!!!! He’s coming back to WWE if he wants to stay in the business mark my words! It may be a legends contract because he is a LEGEND!!!! But my guess is it will be as a manager or more likely a GM. Can’t wait!!!! And Vince doesn’t need to and wouldn’t rely on Hogan for ratings as WWE draws fine ratings without Hogan. But Vince will bring him back because he knows his name is still one of the biggest in pro wrestling!!!!

          • Chelsii?

            A GM, lol. Keep dreaming, angry fanboy. Look at all those exclamation marks.

          • Macho Man

            Get ready for it you Austin MARK!!!! Cause it’s gonna happen sooner than later. You do know his TNA contract is up in another couple of months don’t you? LOL !!!!

          • Chelsii?

            Who cares? They’re not gonna make him GM, crazy kid.

          • Macho Man

            We will see, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

        • Maddox

          Vince isn’t as desperate as Dixie. He’ll hire him but he won’t be an onscreen character like Ric Flair and Mick Foley

  • Tim van Wijngaarden

    I can see why they’re pissed. He’s supposed to be one of their big draws, and he’s allowing them to use him for marketing the competitors videogame.

    Also, I know Hogan doesn’t draw, but TNA seems to think he does, no need to tell me that.

    • Macho Man

      I don’t know why they would be pissed! TNA are the one’s who signed a contract with him that allows him to do things like this with WWE! So why are they pissed or shocked when he does it? Fact is Hogan is one of the biggest names in WWF/WWE history! He’s going to be included in things that deal with the history of WWF/WWE. If TNA does not want him doing things like this with WWE then don’t agree to it when you sign a contract with him! Seem’s like common sense to me. Hogan will be back in WWE before long anyways so it won’t matter!

      • Tim van Wijngaarden

        I know what you mean, and maybe pissed is the wrong word, but they wanted to sign Hogan badly, and for that they gave him this contract with ludicrous loopholes in it. I just think Dixie hoped that he wouldn’t end up using it to sponsor WWE, you get me?

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Look, I don’t particularly like any form of Hogan that isn’t nWo, but to NOT have him in the game would be a slap in the face to ‘Wrestlemania mode’.

  • lol

    I see Vince doing something succesful with Hogan.

    Imagine Ryback bullying Justin Roberts and then Hogan music plays and audience goes crazy.

    Hogan just doesnt fit in TNA.

  • Devon

    Hogan will be in WWE soon. He will be manager or something. It some backstage role

  • Z….

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DONT GIVE HIM ANOTHER CONTRACT DIXIE! Its probably already too late though…

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