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Backstage Heat On “Total Divas” Star Eva Marie, Set Up To Fail By WWE Officials On Monday’s Raw

As seen Monday night on Raw, Eva Marie made her televised wrestling debut as she and fellow Total Divas JoJo and Natalya defeated Alicia Fox, Aksana and Rosa Mendes in a Six-Diva Tag Team Match. The 29-year-old’s performance drew negative reviews online, as her inexperience was put on display before millions of viewers (prior to the match, she had only wrestled before a live crowd once, a non-televised tag team bout at SummerSlam Axxess in August). It has since come out that this reaction was sought within WWE as she was purposely set up to fail by members of management.

Dave Meltzer claimed on’s Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials wanted to knock the confident Californian down a few pegs, since they feel she has an undeserved ego and doesn’t realize how much she has to learn as a performer. Therefore, they had her sink on national television in hopes of making her humble.

This is not the first time in which Eva Marie, who reported in August as being “passionately hated” by some of her co-workers, was pranked in an inside manner.

In a segment filmed backstage at a spring Raw show for the August 4 episode of E! Total Divas, she was led to believe by company personnel that she had committed a wrongful act and that an infuriated Stephanie McMahon wanted to confront her over the matter (on the episode, the meeting was depicted as stemming from Eva Marie lying about her background in order to audition to be Fandango’s dancer, which was a fabricated storyline). During the blurred reality segment, McMahon threatened to fire her if she embarrassed the company again with her conduct. Eva Marie legitimately cried during the meeting, as she was not aware that the situation was orchestrated and that McMahon was fooling around with her through her character persona.


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  • jcice13

    she’s not all that attractive but hey that’s a personal opinion, but the way she moves in the ring she doesn’t have any fluidity, she’s way too stiff looking and it doesn’t look as if she has the athletic ability to over come it. as I said before about total divas, who knows what’s real and what’s scripted but I tend to believe over 75% of that show is scripted and as for her getting the rookie treatment? well that’s just sports but I can also see where people have a dislike for her and I don’t see how she’ll make it in this business, no heart, no passion, just seems like she thought it was going to be easy to do and a springboard to bigger things. and if they wanted to put her out there on a ledge on RAW they pushed her over that cliff on Smackdown LOL
    I know what I am saying is my opinion but I’ve been watching this thing since , well a real long long time, probably longer than any of you folks have been alive LOL so let’s see where she is 6-12 months from now and if she’s still there see how she developed but I’d be really surprised if she is around

    25 minutes after my original comment..
    I just realized something else…if this eva marie was truly working hard and doing what she should and listening and learning the craft she wouldn’t have looked so horrid in the ring doing wrestling 101 moves, and if they did it to teach her humility? I don’t think she got the message because she appears to be the type of lady that has had her ass kissed all through her life like I said I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, I base this on the fact that she’s not that good an actress and she comes off as quite the a-hole on the show

    • Richie

      Its kinda hard to listen and learn the craft(train properly)when the WWE isn’t giving her the time! You act like she has all the spare time in the world to go train! She doesn’t! She has to do what the company tells her and go where they send her! Its not her fault she doesn’t have time to train!

      • jcice13

        you’re going to be one sad guy when she’s gone aren’t you, let me tell you something richie, if you are trying to live your dream? and have the business in your heart? YOU FIND TIME, you work harder than anyone else you work longer than anyone else and you ask more questions than anyone else, this is almost as difficult to crack as trying to get into any other entertainment field, every single performer that is starting out whether actor comedian musician has a full time job other than in what they are pursuing, can you say with conviction that this lady has the heart, the get go and the talent to win this position??? I don’t see it in the least and if this raw and smackdown shows were wake up calls let’s see how see progresses from here on out

      • Edynol

        Yeah you give Eva way too much credit. She is extremely fortunate to be in the limelight so soon. She does not deserve to be on TV at all imo when there are dozens of other women who have been working for years to get what Eva just had handed to her. She is a prime example of what a diva should not be. Willing to lie and cheat on her fiance` to get ahead and be Fandango’s dancer(which was only partially fabricated, btw), her sloppiness in the ring, and just her over-all attitude is disgraceful. And on top of that, she isn’t all the pretty. She’s “model pretty”. She has a good body, but her face is just plain. Wouldn’t call her ugly, but I’d much rather see leaving. And I mean that in both ways.

        Jojo is much more deserving. While she might not be any better int he ring, mainly due to her size, she at least knows her place and works to improve herself. Plus in my opinion she’s way more attractive than Eva. So yeah, I agree with them punishing Eva because I think her only use is show how not to act and serve as an example of what happens if you do. If WWE just uses her and tosses her out, I would consider it a good investment of money and time.

  • Alpha_Omega

    Hope the same goes for Jojo but with her riding Orton, I don’t see that happening.

    • Tamala Hale

      Of course not, why do you think the Bella Twins have their jobs again. Sleep your way to the top!!!

  • MyNameIsSET

    So much for being against bullying

    • Me

      So now pranks are bullying?

  • The_Fearless_Diva

    I think that Eva Marie has potential to improve her in ring work. And I think that the wwe management needs to give her a chance.

  • tt2000

    There are at least 10 divas better looking than her, she’s not charismatic, she can’t cut a promo and she can’t wrestle, so why in the hell would she have an attitude? What does she have to offer other than her red hair and her nice legs?

  • Shell

    Sounds like a typical day in the WWE.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    You take a young girl in her early 20’s. Put her up front of your diva based program. What the hell you think gonna happen?

    • tmeister

      and yet they havent put paige on the main roster smh

  • Alejandro

    I feel bad for Natalya. Being put in a tag team match with two idiotic bimbos that don’t know how to wrestle and to see Eva Marie getting most of the ring action and embarrass herself (Eva Marie) like that. And for Eva Marie, it’s called paying your dues. She definitely deserved to get embarrassed like that on national television lol.

    • Richie

      No one deserves that kind of treatment! If WWE doesn’t know how to teach and train people with no previous experience, then they need to stop hiring them! Sure Eva has tons to learn, but treating her like that is not going to teach her anything positive! WWE says they are against bullying, but all they seem to do is bully their stars when they make a mistake or don’t act a certain way! If they really want positive results, they need to use positive methods!

      • Alejandro

        Well I agree with you that WWE shouldn’t hire people with no wrestling experience. You say that they should use positive methods, what if they did try teaching those positive methods to Eva Marie and she justs simply ignores them and doesn’t imply to them. She’s already rubbing management and the people in the locker room the wrong way by thinking she’s already successful just because she made it immediately to the main roster after doing a reality show and thinks she knows everything after being with the company for a year I suppose. Like I said pay your dues first and maybe she won’t get in these type of incidents anymore.

  • Rg41982

    She didn’t do much for her to look bad. She wrestled a bella and got tossed out in the end. Cut the bs. The whole match was pointless.

  • Tamala Hale

    That’s funny, and a little bit sad too. A lot of talented female wrestlers out there, and they choose a bunch of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders instead. Oh women wrestlers is a lost art now.

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