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Backstage News On AJ Styles’ Contract With World Wrestling Entertainment

AJ Styles signed a multi-year contract with WWE that allows him to retain his ring name and various other trademarks, according to Ryan Satin of

As noted, Styles made his WWE debut when he entered the Royal Rumble match as entrant #3.

Styles signed the contract last week. It was speculated since early January that he would be signing with WWE after he gave his notice to NJPW at their Wrestle Kingdom show.

His contract with WWE allows WWE to use trademarks associated with Styles including the “The Phenomenal One” nickname as well as the name of his finisher, “The Styles Clash.” WWE will also retain some rights to his character and name once he leaves the company.

As noted, Styles is an official full-time member of the main roster and will be working all WWE events from now on.

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  • Victor82

    I hope they give him a new entrance theme, because that one on the rumble was pathetic. I love the song he had at TNA.

    • Rizzy

      Not gonna happen. R-Truth got to keep his because he performed it.


      You obviously don’t know AJ cuz he likes rap music and that song is firee I don’t have a problem with it

      • Victor82

        It doesn’t matter what he likes, it has nothing to do with his musical taste. It’s important to have a music that rides well with your character and your style. And that music… You’ll see they change it this same year. It’s like you put hulk hogan’s theme to Bray Wyatt. Doesn’t fit.

    • Z….

      Get ready to fly lol

  • Robert Krause

    Also just a point of clarification, while he did keep the basic structure WWE did in fact change his name. In TNA he was A.J. Styles, in WWE he is AJ Styles. I know, I know such a little change but WWE owns that and A.J. owns A.J.

  • The Shockmaster

    So, does this mean he sold out?!

    • D.M.T

      Uughhh this mentality is so…ugh. I hope you’re kidding.

      • The Shockmaster


        gerund or present participle: kidding
        (of a goat) give birth.

        No, certainly not ‘kidding’ xD

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