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Backstage News on Aces & 8s, What Jarrett Is Doing, More

– The TNA live event on November 2nd in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan drew 1,000 fans.

– Jeff Jarrett is responsible for making the deals with outside promotions for AJ Styles to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Jarrett is also now working as the agent for most of TNA’s big matches, such as the recent Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode match on Impact Wrestling.

– Regarding AJ’s opponent for the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan, Seiya Sanada, Sanada has shown some interest in coming to TNA.

– Aces & 8s are either going to be dropped or not to be nearly as significant as they were since that was an Eric Bischoff project. No word yet what Eric being gone means for his son Garett Bischoff either. Garett is well liked and considered a hard worker.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • jcice13

    well liked and a hard worker??? I have a girl for you..she’s cute and funny and smart..say good bye garett

  • Z….

    Garrett could be a hard worker, but specifically b/c he is Bischoff’s kid and the fact that they spent over a year with a particular storyline just to put him and Hogan over at BFG, he needs to be gone…It just leaves a really bad taste in people’s mouths in my opinion. Obviously, you shouldnt always associate someone with who their father is, but I think in this specific case, Garret Bischoff should start looking for work elsewhere

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