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Backstage News on AJ Lee’s Promo from RAW, Morgan-WWE News

PWInsider reports that Matt Morgan has had talks with people in WWE but is nowhere close to signing a contract yet. reports that there were a lot of people within WWE raving about AJ Lee’s “pipe bombshell” promo on Monday’s RAW. This was done for the continuation of season 1 of WWE’s Total Divas show.

There were E! cameras filming an angle backstage, the promo by AJ and the reactions from other Divas. This will leak to AJ vs. one of the Total Divas at Night of Champions, also to be filmed for the E! show.

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  • Joseph Douglas

    I watched the promo, and not sure what the big deal was. Besides her delusions that she is better than Natalya.

    • stevewiser

      Exactly. It was good but it’s not like she said anything they didn’t tell her to.

  • Eric Chism

    I thought it was great. She just said what everyone is thinking. The Bella’s were brought back to be Total Divas. Period. I would love to see Natalya get a shot at the Divas title.

  • Philip27

    I believe that we’re heading to AJ vs Natalya at NoC… She was the one visibly upset with what AJ said…

    • NtoJtoS

      She was the only one with the ability to act and is in my opinion the only one out of this Total Divas bunch who actually CAN wrestle.

  • Helsing

    I hope it’s Natalya vs AJ at NoC!

  • Devon

    AJ is a goddess. She is amazing. Hot, smart, good wrestler, & great promo skills. She is the total package. Those fuckin total bitches can’t ever lace her chucks!!!

  • JustPro

    I thought what she said was hilarious because it was true… Good promo..

    Matt Morgan I hope gets signed he is as tall as Big show but more athletic should be awesome to see back in the wwe…

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