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Backstage News on Beth Phoenix Leaving WWE, WrestleMania 29 Tickets, Alicia Fox

– WWE Diva Alicia Fox will be appearing at The Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts on September 23rd from 2pm until 4pm.

– Officials from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey stated on their Facebook page that tickets for WWE’s WrestleMania 29 event are scheduled to go on sale Saturday, November 10th.

– Several sources have confirmed the news of Beth Phoenix leaving WWE next month. PWInsider reports that she has given notice to WWE that she’s leaving and is finishing up her dates. She’s expected to leave WWE by the end of October.

Sources in WWE weren’t surprised to see Phoenix give notice as she seemed to be “going through the motions” over the last year. Phoenix has been spending time with her boyfriend Edge at his home in North Carolina. If she decides to wrestle outside of WWE then she would be able to use the Beth Phoenix ring name because she used it before joining WWE.

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  • Jay

    It is beyond hilarious to me that Edge is dating Beth, and Punk is dating Lita. I’m sad to see Beth leave but she could use the time off. If she came back in a year, she could be a fan favorite.

  • nowshiz

    dont know if thats the right decision on her part or not.
    She can make good money with the wwe and get plenty of exposure even with the 3 minutes of screen time they provide the divas in a three hour show, on the other hand there isnt much scope for the divas division anyway, kharmas gone, i dont know what the hell in going on with natalya, aj is boring again and the championship doesnt mean anything today so if she enjoys wrestling than its probably a good decision

  • Noway

    No please,beth dnt leave wwe ohhhhh please wat will wwe be without the great beth phoenix oh woe its me…. Plz note the sarcasm who cares obviously most of the ppl tune out diva matches and their crappy storylines hopefully they use her 2 3 minutes better

  • Manny

    Well Beth can join TNA wrestle a few times a week then spend time with Edge. She is wasted talent in the WWE they should have put Finlay in charge like they did years ago.

  • Real Kosher

    I would love to see beth in the knockouts division in TNA…beth vs ODB, beth possibly glam slamming brooke HOgan…TNA has a way better womans division than WWE

  • Alex

    @Real Kosher: At this point in time, they really don’t. Both divisions are shit.

  • Joseph

    Of course she was just going through the motions. Why wouldn’t she? Her and Natalya are 2 of the best women wrestlers in the world and all they do is job to a bunch of no talent pin ups like Kelly Kelly.

  • Noway

    Id rather see the pin upa look sexy than beth phoenix vs kharma they should just stick to managing and being eye cand the majority of the audience/viewers seem to not b very interested in seing diva matches

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