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Backstage News on Big E Langston, Santino Returning on RAW?, Zayn

– Sami Zayn teamed with Bo Dallas again to defeat Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro at last night’s WWE live event in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center. Like his match in Montreal over the weekend, there were loud chants for Zayn and the arena was chanting “ole!”

– Santino Marella may be returning to WWE TV on tonight’s RAW from Toronto.

– There has been talk of doing a major babyface turn with Big E Langston in the coming weeks.

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  • jcice13

    wow must see TV…santino is returning, just in time

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think Big E will be successful as a babyface, than a heel.

    • Shell

      I’m itching to see that ”FIve five five~!” thing he does.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Me too!

  • KingBack

    That’s great news about Big E.
    He behaves much more like a face and I think it will suit him much better.
    BTW.. How is this a major face turn? Major is if someone like Orton or HHH turned back face.

  • Shell

    Again, I got to see Sami Zyan perform at Barclay yesterday. Yes, the ole chants were loud.

  • M. N.

    Move Sami up to Raw, Don’t give him a title shot just yet. Let him fight The Real Americans, one PPV vs Cesaro another vs Swagger. These matches would most likely be 5 stars every night. On the third PPV bring Kassius up with him for a tag fight with them. That’s 3 months of awesome fights and talking segments.

  • tmeister

    So im guessing they are giving the top black baby-face push to Big E. Well Kofi its probably time to consider a change of sentry they still wont do you right.

  • godngreatnwoo

    good news for big e maybe he stands out as a babyface because hasnt really as a heel

  • Trinot Grigio

    I think Big E is going to be a big star.

  • Macho Man

    I don’t understand why they have not turned Big E into a babyface already! Especially with the lack of prominent faces right now with Cena, and Sheamus out.

  • Alex

    time to get buried santino with triple h, randy and the shield

  • Devon

    FuckBig E!!! He is a roided up boring untalented sonbitch!!! Santino > Big E!!! And I hope Generico makes the main roster

  • Mark Henry’s poop bag

    The cooch has spoken. Let him rest.

  • Joseph Douglas

    I was really hoping Santino would never return.

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