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Backstage News on Brad Maddox, Kelly Changes a Tire (Yes), Jazz & Kong’s Team

– We noted before that Awesome Kong (Kharma) and former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz will be teaming up soon in Florida. The name for their tag team is Rhythm & Bruise.

– Today’s random Kelly Kelly tidbit comes from TMZ. They report that she was on the way to a photoshoot last month when the tire on her Mitsubishi blew out. TMZ reveals exclusively that the former WWE Divas Champion grabbed a tire iron and changed the tire herself.

– As mentioned last week, Triple H is a big fan of Brad Maddox and he will likely be back on WWE TV in early 2013. When they first did the screwjob angle at Hell In a Cell, officials had no idea what the follow-up would be so Ryback destroying Maddox on RAW last week is likely a way to keep him on the backburner for now but keep the door open for his return.

An OVW source noted that Maddox went through all of Rip Rogers’ training and was one of the better guys there when he left for WWE. The biggest positive about Maddox is they say he was always working on his weaknesses. If he told he needed work on his mic skills, he worked on them; if they told him he needed work on his look, he worked harder on that.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Jack

    Kelly Kelly changed a tire, wow thats really exciting news. whats next Maryse poured her self a cup of coffee.

    Jack disliked this on facebook, why? because its stupid.

  • Kevin

    There is no need for that info about Kelly changing a tire, thats not news. they should have put in that stupid article about smelly wrestlers.

  • David

    Props for Maddox, I guess. Many wrestlers seem to shut down (and eventually be let go) when their weaknesses are thrown in their face, so it’s nice to hear of a mediocre talent actually putting the effort forward whenever told it’s needed.

  • Mr. Durp

    Brad Maddox = Future Main Eventer.

    Calling it.

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