Backstage News on Generico In WWE, Hall of Fame Inductors, TNA vs. WWE

- Regarding the TNA lawsuit against WWE, there was no financial settlement because TNA just dropped the case. Both sides agreed to pay their own legal costs.

- On a related note, the TNA lawsuit was the hold-up on WWE signing El Generico. WWE was about to sign him last June but they learned he had done two tryout matches with TNA in 2011. Generico got the phone call from WWE around the same time Ric Flair did. No word yet on what Generico’s gimmick will be or if he will lose his mask. He began working in developmental on February 4th.

- Nothing is official yet but people within WWE expect Lita to induct Trish Stratus, Bret Hart will induct Bob Backlund and Jim Ross will induct Mick Foley into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.


  • Rob

    Damn you TNA.. OLE OLE OLE OLE

  • Chelsii

    Jim Ross? Ummmm, no. Terry Funk and only Terry Funk should be doing it.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Well, perhaps they couldn’t get Terry Funk for whatever reason. For a second choice, you could do a lot worse than the guy that called the most infamous and career-defining match of Mick’s career.

      • YM5


  • Y2J

    I hope they don’t f**k it up and take his mask and make him start dancing or something stupid.

    • CMmox

      We cam just be optimistic. F@CK they gonna ruin it dammit!! OK I’m calm now…

      • Twistnfate

        OMG I just pictured him being fandango LOL

        • CMmox


          • Twistnfate


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