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Backstage News on Hulk Hogan’s Future

– Hulk Hogan, who is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Hogan’s Beach Shop this weekend, still has not signed a deal with TNA and has started to put feelers out to see what major bookings he can get. We noted this past week that Hogan has signed to appear at The Big Event convention on November 9th in Flushing, New York.

Hogan is reportedly training for a return to the ring with the idea that if WWE offers him something, he will be ready to go. Hogan has been “training like a mad man” with hopes of getting back in the ring for WWE.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Hogan needs to stay with TNA.

  • KingBack

    Cena vs Hogan
    Taker vs Lesnar
    These two matches alone will sell WM 30 alone.
    And if we can get Bryan vs Punk, Cody vs Dustin/Goldust, Shield vs Wyatt Family, Orton vs Rock( if he comes back) then it will be the greatest Wrestlemania ever (at least in buyrates).

    • Lara_P1

      Hogan vs those names would sell tickets but would flat out suck and not deliver. the guy needs to work behind the scenes and stay away from the ring.

      • Tsall13

        Hogan has one more big pay day left in that crippled old body and you better believe Cena wants a piece of that pie to inch closer to his retirement… match was suppose to happen 5 years ago and it looks like we will get it this year unless Cena starts a program with someone else around Rumble time

  • Phiruse

    o Hogan is now expecting something from the WWE?
    ..First he tried suing them, and now he’s hoping to get on equal terms.
    ..If he can go in without causing problems and not get boo’d out by the smarks, we’ll see.

  • Devon

    The last thing I wanna see is Hogan wrestle someone. It would suck and he would obviously beat his opponent

  • jcice13

    the only real spot on tv I could think hogan would be capable of doing is to be if HBK screws bryan sunday night and goes with HHH and the person to come in to oppose the group would be led by hogan, although I would try at get austin to be that person , but hogan would be a good second choice, but no wrestling, unless it’s in a multiple tag situation, and if they don’t want to hurt HBK’s cred with the fans they can have it that HHH and steph have some photo shopped pics of HBK with a woman and use that as blackmail against him to make it appear he didn’t just screw bryan just to join HHH, I mean after all since TNA is stealing all the angles from the WWE they could steal the AJ Styles?daniels/kaz angle from them

  • Danny Morgan

    I would like to Hogan at mania but keep him away from the main event 1. he doesn’t deserve to be involved and 2. keep momentum with the young kids in the big picture, letting Hogan have too much mic time on tv has for me crippled tna’s quality

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