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Backstage Talk on Jim Ross Leaving WWE

As noted earlier, WWE announced that Jim Ross is retiring from the company. Ross met with Vince McMahon earlier today, and the decision was made to end his tenure with the company. WWE’s reason for Ross’ departure is that he wants to “focus on his personal business endeavors.”

The final decision was made by Vince McMahon, and it’s being said that Ric Flair’s unruly behavior at the WWE 2K14 panel during SummerSlam weekend was one of the contributing factors in his departure. Management felt that Ross, who hosted the event, should have cut off Ric Flair when he went off-script and made several controversial remarks in front of WWE & 2K Sports executives.

For what it’s worth, McMahon commented on Ross’ departure on his Twitter account, writing, “Thank you @JRsBBQ for 20 years of service with @WWE.”


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  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    This is BS. Ross not cutting off Flair wouldn’t influence Vince one way or the other. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it, but the idea that it was the reason JR retired is absurd.

  • Damian Starr

    Why would it be McMahon’s call to make? surely a man may retire whenever he wishes?

    • Maddox

      I was thinking the same thing, Jim Ross could have gotten pissed about the whole thing and decided to “Retire” I don’t think that’s Vince’s call to make

  • Devon

    I still dont fuckin get why its ok for the bellas to act like hos and get drunk on total divas but Flair cant!!! Like our government the WWE executives are messed up

    • You don’t understand the difference between a reality TV show following self entitled women and a normal panel promoting a video game.

      • ceddy01

        I mean it is a WRESTLING video game with a TEEN rating. This isnt mario or disney -_-

        • What correlation does that have to allowing an elderly man turn up drunk and embarrass many people when it wasn’t necessary?

      • Rotnerd

        You do not understand what WWE is mad about, looking bad. Why would bellas acting anti pg be any better?

        • 1. Total Divas is TV-14, so it’s already “anti-PG”.

          2. It’s the very reason they made the show, so we could watch attractive women talk about men, sex & fall over drunkenly, like EVERY other reality tv show. The WWE knows this and wanted it.

    • JH

      Because of context, the Bella’s are on a reality show partying at a bachelorette party, where as, that panel was in front of business partners, essentially a meeting to discuss business. I’m sure he wasn’t actually fired because of it, but probably pissed some people off the way he hosted it.

      • Rotnerd

        regardless both are in the wrong but WWE chooses who they let side (Swagger, Randy). If they are representing a PG company they have to reflect it when they represent it in panels, shows and tv.

  • godngreatnwoo

    that’s bullcrap ric flair is ric flair and has always been its not jim ross fault after 20 years in wwe that’s how they do him

  • Alejandro

    JR shouldn’t be blamed for Ric Flair’s actions at the WWE 2K14 symposium. It should be WWE blaming themselves. They should know that Ric misbehaves like that most of the time. And they probably should have checked on him before allowing him to go on that panel knowing that Ric is having personal problems at the moment and is not there mentally.

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