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Backstage News on Monday’s RAW, Update on HBK’s WWE Future

– WWE did was is being described as a “reset” on the storylines with Monday’s RAW. Vince McMahon was making changes and scripts were being re-written as late as 3-4pm on Monday afternoon. As noted, original plans had Vince McMahon returning to get involved with Big Show but as they were re-writing the scripts on Monday, Vince was written out.

– Word coming out of RAW is that Shawn Michaels is finished in the storylines until he’s needed again. Daniel Bryan putting the Yes Lock on Shawn was Bryan getting revenge and ending the angle. There has been no talk at all about HBK coming out of retirement to wrestle another match.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Lara_P1

    that’s kinda dumb; i figured HBK wouldnt wrestle again, but to have him completely disappear makes no sense and gives no closure to that aspect of the angle.

    • Daniel Jones

      I agree. HHH should have replaced Brad & Vickie with HBK as the GM of RAW & Smackdown. He could have remained a heel in cahoots with The Authority. Oh well…

      • Maddox

        The thing is HBK doesn’t wanna be too involved like that, He will come back for the occasional storylines but he won’t they can’t force him to be a full time member of the roster in any capacity

    • Maddox

      I still think HHH vs Bryan is gonna happen at Mania, Just don’t know how they will do that now with recent developments

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