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Backstage News on Plans for Bryan vs. Orton, Kane’s Return

– Kane’s return match against Bray Wyatt will likely take place at the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view, possibly inside the Cell.

– Another match scheduled for Hell In a Cell is Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. As of this week, the Bryan vs. Orton feud was scheduled to run through Night of Champions, Battleground and Hell In a Cell.

No word yet if they plan on putting the WWE Title back on Bryan at one of these pay-per-views but word from this week’s TV tapings is that Orton is heavily written into the WWE Title picture until January at least.


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  • Shell

    Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

    I’m already sensing the match will be similar to Undertaker vs. Mankind. I don’t know why..

    • ? N?n? Dj?? ?

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Royal Rumble 2014.
    Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton – Last chance match. All members of the corporation and anti-corp banned from the ringside, Daniel Bryan wins with the Yes! Lock.

    • tom


  • Jeff

    I’ll be the first to call it, Daniel Bryan might win RR and face either HHH or Orton

    • showoff

      Id believe that triple h did say on raw it was his belt Ortons just holding it

  • KingBack

    That sounds great.
    Bray Wyatt vs Kane screams gimmick matches and this one (Hell in a Cell) is
    probably the best they can go with for that feud.

    Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan would be the perfect place to give the title back to Daniel Bryan
    (If he is going to get it back?) because HHH, The McMahons and The Shield can’t come inside
    the cell and help Randy Orton.
    Besides… Solid A+ matches in the main event of every PPV now and to Hell in a Cell..
    Who can really complain about that?

    • showoff

      Triple h would get a key to the cell somehow we all know that

    • tom

      ur momma

      • KingBack

        She is a milf.

  • Guest

    I guess randy orton will defend the wwe champion anddaniel bryan will face triple h at wrestlemania

  • Jack Albarn

    I guess randy orton will still be wwe champion and daniel bryan will face triple h at wrestlemania

  • Mark Henry’s poop bag

    My brotha bray b so chill. He b lickin the cooch all day-evrday

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      What is with you and cooch?

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        He has been writing that all day he probably has a fascination with that word

      • Mark Henry’s poop bag

        I mean they are so conveniently placed next to one another

  • Daniel Vollmer

    Bryan won’t win, WWE is just pulling a fast one on us…Orton is keeping the title until the Golden Boy comes back and ruins everything.

    • Joseph Douglas

      That is what I figured from the moment he announced he was leaving. Instead of building up new guys they will wait and shove him down our throats again.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Can you guys stop saying that John Cena is going to be WWE champion again? Daniel Bryan is going to be champion again after Randy Orton

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      That’s what you think but i think that Daniel Bryan will be the WWE Champion

      • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

        D.B. won’t win title til mania he’ll win the rumble when hhh makes him draw #1. Cena comes back at E.C. wins title. Hhh gets mad makes mania match triple threat match with him,D.B. & cena. that way his title win be bigger then S.S. & his W.M. moment be like when Chris did vs him & shawn in 2004.

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          It could happen

  • Rotnerd

    Bryan will win and i am sure he will keep it and then lose but Vince may turn face and help him. Then when him and Hunter feud for the company D bry may fight on vince’s behalf because he keeps getting screwed. by WM I dont see Orton or D bry with the belt. i really hope it is not on mr diva. that guy should face UT to keep him out of the title picture. I heard punk would win the rumble which would be cool.

  • sonik

    Maybe 5 on 5 Elimination Match Winner take all at Survivor Series :
    Randy, Shield and HHH (or Ryback) vs D-Bry, Big Show, Miz, Ziggler and somebody (etc Henry)?

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      It could be a good match but i do not think that it will happen anytime soon

  • Mr. Creative

    I know they will put the WWE title back on Bryan, it’s more of a question of when. Either he walks in WM30 as champ & retains, or becomes champ again at WM. I also can see him winning the Royal Rumble. I picture Vince or Corporate putting him in as #1 believing he will not stand a chance, but in the end win it. If Bryan does win any match on PPV before WM it will most likely be a DQ or something, allowing Orton to hold onto the title longer. Bryan’s battle with the Corporation just started & eventually he will win it back just in time for Cena to ask for his rematch.

  • mrlaw

    I hope they don’t waste a Hell in a Cell match on Kane and Wyatt… Their ring of fire match sucked!

  • Richie

    Heres one scenario i could see playing out…D-Bry will eventually get the WWE title, then Cena will be a surprise return entrant into the Royal Rumble and win, building a rematch between him and D-Bry at WM!

  • Jack Albarn

    Cm punk vs randy orton vs john cena for wwe champion at wrestlemania xxx. Daniel bryan possibly get his world title match after wrestlemania.

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