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Backstage News on Ricardo Rodriguez, Stipulations for Battleground?

– Ricardo Rodriguez is currently scheduled to be with Rob Van Dam until RVD takes time off in October. After that, Ricardo may be put with Rey Mysterio as his personal ring announcer.

– Stipulations are expected to be added to Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio at WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view. There’s talk of Bryan vs. Orton being an Iron Man match. That would allow WWE to do another indecisive finish, leading to Hell In a Cell where there could be a definitive winner once and for all.


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  • Tyler Drummond

    An Iron Man Match would be AWESOME, and I definately think at some point in his WWE career D-Bry should do one so this would be perfect timing. Orton is a perfect opponent for that match too, they could really do some great stuff in an iron man match and of course they could do the draw finish and just choose not to have an overtime. I hope RVD and ADR get like a ladder match (even though TLC is just a few months away) or something nice. We have been getting a lot of regular 1 on 1 matches for the titles this year, it would be nice to break it up a bit.

  • Abudadein

    I’d like to see a Coal Miner’s Glove match between ADR and RVD.

  • Devon

    We haven’t seen a WWE iron man wit Bryan. I would wanna see Bryan vs Punk iron man but hey him vs Orton sounds good. They had a really good match at noc

  • John Cena 2004

    I’m glad that trolling b**ch IamLisa is gone!!! :)

    • sonik

      How do you know that?

      • John Cena 2004

        Haven’t seen a comment from her in awhile

        • sonik

          Maybe she had to go to her elementary school…

    • Iron Mike Sharpe

      She gave me crabs.

  • Chelsii?

    So it’ll be a tie, with Orton winning at Hell in a Cell. How I would do it is that at Survivor Series, it would be a do or die sort of match. It’s Team Orton (Orton, HHH, Shield) vs Team Bryan (Bryan, Big Show, Ziggler, Kofi & extra or the Usos) and Bryan’s team must win for Bryan to get a title shot at TLC, which Bryan would win and then two wrap it up at the Rumble via rematch clause.

    Would that sound alright?

    • Tyler Drummond

      Sounds pretty good. Then CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble and at Mania in the main event we get Daniel Bryan defending the WWE Championship against CM Punk.

      • UMpunkBLN

        NO. Punk MUST win the main event. I like Dbry but screw everything ..Punk deserves it.

    • Alejandro

      I would put Goldust and Cody in Team Bryan with Bryan, Show and Ziggler against Orton, HHH and the Shield.

      • B-Dazzle

        Last comment here, since I don’t really wanna be involved with dirt-sheets anymore…. Just thought I would just leave my thoughts on this here since the story-line is getting interesting now… It could happen if the story-line continues to be just like Punk’s story-line back in 2011 as “The Summer Of Punk” Where Punk won the title but kept getting screwed over and than winning at either TLC or Hell In A Cell, but I would rather see Triple H Vs Bryan In A Hell In A Cell match at Hell In A Cell, since he hasn’t gotten his hands on Triple H yet. So quite possibly you might see that match and Orton will take the night off at Hell In A Cell cause of Triple H or he’ll be in a match against R-truth or Miz (Truth on poster and Miz being attacked by Orton) Or just Triple H vs Bryan either way IF Triple H has the title but even if he don’t than Bryan Vs Triple H could happen either way) THEN it’ll lead to the Survivor Series match up with Bryan’s last opportunity to get a title shot in which his team will lose and than follow up with my current scenario. But I think that would only happen IF Bryan get’s screwed over by Triple H, leading to a match between the two of them…But if the Survivor Series scenario were to happen I think Bryan will NOT get a chance at the title again as another stipulation added. For example Triple H will say if Bryan’s team loses, The American Dragon WILL NEVER EVER get a title shot against Orton or Triple H or anyone again. And the way Bryan’s team loses is because Big Show, Cody, and Bryan are the last remaining members and just as they’ve team Orton beaten, Big Show will turn heel (Again at Survivor Series like he always does at Survivor Series and in elimination style Survivor Series matches, to benefit himself) And it’ll lead to a program with Big Show vs Bryan for months, add Triple H or the other corporate members here too, and Orton or Triple H will defend against someone else like Punk once he’s done developing talent since now Ryback is a “Paul Heyman Guy” For no reason, just cause the heat is still there on Ohno which caused his debut to be pushed back TWICE now (SummerSlam and Night Of Champions) I don’t see Punk entering into a fued with Ryback for 3 months, unless of course they finally decide to let Hero debut already, since the heat is sorta gone already, and maybe around that time the heat will be gone. But I like the chances of Punk getting involved in this corporation story-line cause there wouldn’t be any challengers for Orton/Triple H if my above scenario comes true, unless of course they decide to bring back Miz,(Attacked by Orton, revenge) R Truth, (Conspiracy against him and the fact that he’s on the poster at Hell In A Cell ) Kofi (Because they’ll let him fued with anyone as a dummy test lol) or the highly unlikely Undertaker as challengers than I only see Punk as the fitting challenger since he won the title at WWE TLC before and it’s the perfect opportunity to get him involved with the corporation story-line. It makes sense to go this way too, cause it’ll lead into the story-line getting further and Big Show will get punished for not getting the job done against Bryan and it’ll lead to him turning face now that his financial problems has paid off from helping Orton/Triple H win and the fact that no one got fired from helping Bryan too. So it’ll lead to the “Union” Ziggler, Cody, Goldust, Henry, Big Show as the leader of some sort against the corporation. So yeah, that’s what I think they’re going for, since Punk will be involve in this story-line and the fact that theres a rumored Wrestlemania main event of Bryan vs Punk for the WWE championship too which can mean that Punk will turn heel, or Bryan will turn heel or just two best friends wrestling together at the main stage together that they’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and now finally getting to settle it once and for all who really is “The Best Wrestler In The World” Promo’s about it from each other and that Bryan was “The Best In The World” Before Punk would lead into some exciting stuff. So I think Punk will be champion again and Bryan will get his last opportunity to wrestle against the champion by winning the Royal Rumble match at number one even IF Orton or Triple H isn’t the champion I think Triple H won’t allow Bryan to enter unless he enters at number one, wins it and will wrestle Punk, Orton, Cena, or Triple H in the main event of Wrestlemania. Or you could just have Bryan turn heel since it looks like Orton is getting mad at Triple H and….and stuff. (Leading to Punk winning the Rumble to face the heelish Bryan, or Punk win’s the rumble IF Bryan is a face and Punk decides to go after the world title leading to a double celebration at Wrestlemania. For example, Eddie and Chris Benoit) So yeah, let’s hope they aren’t stupid enough to turn Bryan heel and go all corporate by shaving his beard the next night on Raw or just shaving his head like in the indies when he was a heel just to allow Cena, or Sheamus to win the rumble (AGAIN. No way Cena will win twice in a row. 3 times? NO! And Sheamus? NO! Just to get Cena at the top again or just to have THE REAL Wrestlemania match against Dragon.) And it’ll lead to challengers like Punk, Orton, R Truth, Miz, and finally Cena, or Sheamus and oh yeah, the typical Cena style Promo “I come back after passing the torch to you, hoping that you would be the face of the WWE and after the WWE universe showed all of their love and support for you by chanting “YES!” through out the entire arenas, train stations, football games, and all around the world, I come back to see YOU all corporate, with no beard and clean shaven as Triple H’s lacky? Whatever happened to respect the beard? Daniel? I certainly respected the beard after you showed EVERYONE that you were the man at SummerSlam by taking that WWE championship from me and main evented every single week and showing everyone that you’re a top guy, and you could achieve your dreams and you were the face of the company that day, by beating the guy who was the face of this company for over the years and main eventing each and every week with fans chanting (Insert fans chanting Daniel Bryan here with Cena pointing the mic at them) But instead, you turned your back on them and now I don’t think anyone could respect the beard, now that it’s gone. And Instead of saying YES! How about everyone starts saying NO!” Or some sort of stupid return promo/ whenever he wins something that he always does all the time. I hope they don’t go for that one! :(

        • Tyler Drummond

          See ya later than bud. Had a blast chattin with ya. Thought you might be interested to know I started training at Santino’s new Battle Arts Academy since its close to home. Had my first training session last night (as I am writing this). All the best to ya!

          • B-Dazzle

            Thank you, I had a blast chattin’ it up with ya too. It was fun while it lasted, I got some personal problems right now and with these dirt-sheets sites all going downhill and people on here trying to get into pointless arguments too much just got me railing even more. I’ll still be around, I just won’t be on the dirt-sheets anymore. Too much negativity and other stuff that I just don’t wanna be involved in. You could follow me on other sites and stuff that uses Disqus like Siliconera, Shoryuken, some anime news sites among other things. We could chat up about those topics there! And add some wrestling talk into it too. But yeah, just follow me on Disqus and you’ll see all the sites I visit daily. And if you wanna leave me a comment on any of those sites I visit, I’ll be more than happy to chat it up with ya about your progress and stuff. Or if you’ve twitter you could hit me up there @RyeANDRinGaming or on Youtube same user name as twitter. lol Or my email. You could hit me up on any of those sites. On Youtube I just do videos of games and stuff that I like, I did a podcast before and it had a success but sadly my mic isn’t good enough anymore so I placed the podcast on hold. And I know theres rumors of me having a facebook but that’s not me, it’s an impersonation. I don’t use any of those social stuff anymore. And for real man? That’s great news! How’s the training going for ya? What kinda training session is it? The training I had was just weight training and running the ropes and stuff. I didn’t go too far into it though and no, I don’t mean training with Santino, I mean training it up in SoCal And NorCal with some underground indy wrestlers and I believe one trainer worked for WCW before. lol But I guess I was too small for it. :/ So I decided to just give up on it for now…. Since I’m not 100% committed to becoming a wrestler due to how much money you’ve to pay just to take classes and 2 hours sessions. And it cost alot too. 600 plus dollars just to train and than you’ve to pay for everything else. Hotel (If you live far away from the area among other things. ) And I didn’t had that type of money to pull off and I had to deal with personal problems too. So I’m afraid to say that I have no luck with these sort of things, but I was at least glad I got to experience what it’s like for wrestlers to train! And oh yeah, is that training at his Battle Art’s Academy any good? I wonder if you’ll be shown on his youtube channel. I would love to hear a shoutout. lol And did he set up a ring in there yet? lol Or is it going to be like Stu Hart’s dungeon? 😮 Either way, I’m happy for ya dood. Hope you succeed in trying to get into the business, you might get into it fast though, maybe a year or two at training and you’ll be up there in WWE. Since they like hiring people who trains mostly in Canada with wrestlers who had worked for them. But yeah, hope to watch you on the indies for the time being!

  • Iowa_Contact

    I feel like they were missing a line on the end of the bit about Mysterio, and that line is, “Ya know, until he gets injured a week later”.

  • stevewizer

    Please please please let it be an iron man match. That would be amazing.

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