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Backstage News on Rowan and Harper, More on WWE and Bigger Guys

– As noted, there is a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight, which is why Big Show is back in the main event.

The feeling among WWE officials is that they have a number of average-sized performers and now is the time to sign more head-turning attractions, more bigger & burlier wrestlers. WWE is looking to focus on bigger and stronger Superstars as opposed to guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

– Speaking of Punk and Bryan, part of the reason for their feud with The Wyatt Family is to help elevate Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. As much as WWE officials are high on Bray Wyatt, they also want to push Rowan and Harper.

Source: PWInsider

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  • tmeister

    So you don’t have faith in bryan as a top star yet you have faith that he can help rowan and harper?? help me understand wwe

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Bryan is a top star. He’s just not THE top star. I don’t know if it’s that they don’t have faith in Bryan specifically, or that they only have faith in a handful of people to carry the WWE Title. They seem to prefer a security blanket as WWE Champion, while the World Heavyweight Title is the place where they do most of their experimentation. It’s just that WWE panics for no reason whenever they’re not operating at such a high profit margin as they’d normally see. It’s almost like, “Oh, God, we had one subpar PPV, this company’s going down the tubes and some phantom wrestling promotion is gonna take us over now.”

      • tmeister

        Its crazy cause at the end of the day they still make a lot of money so i don’t know why they be having these panic attacks but they gonna learn the hard way that they can’t always count on Cena for ratings as much as I’m sorta starting to like him again.

    • Me

      Nobody ever said they didn’t have faith in Bryan. The fact that they think he can make Rowan and Harper look good says a lot about what they think of him, and it’s all good. In my opinion.

  • As long as they’re passionate and can actually move around the ring coherently, then I don’t care how big or small they are.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      That’s what matters at the end of the day. If they can find big guys that can wrestle, it’ll do the company good – especially since (and I can’t believe everybody’s too busy bitching to mention this) most of their mainstays on the larger side are all well over 40 and could all be gone in three years. Kane’s 46, Henry’s 42 and can’t stay healthy for more than 2 or 3 months anyway, Big Show’s 41, Khali’s 41 and moves like he’s 70, Undertaker’s 48 and semi-retired for all intents and purposes. As long as they go with talent over pure size (I have no faith in Vince, but I DO have faith in Triple H), size diversity’s not a bad thing. Just because WWE’s bringing bigger guys in doesn’t mean that they’re all going to be at the top of the card. Some of these bigger guys are just going to be around for the sole purpose of getting their asses kicked by a smaller guy. I think the days are gone where they put the WWE Title on anybody that’s above 240 regardless of talent. Otherwise, Ryback would have been champion in his feud against CM Punk last year. There are other things that still have to be done, at least at a basic level, for a guy to reach the very top of the card.

      For what it’s worth, I think WWE’s taking a much better approach to the larger wrestlers they bring in than they were back in the 90s and 00s. Most of the guys I’ve seen on the larger side lately have some indy experience (Luke Harper as well as, believe it or not, Erick Rowan, who got his start in ’07 with Pro Wrestling NOAH, for what that’s worth) or some collegiate wrestling experience (Sawyer Fulton down in NXT is a two-time All-American collegiate amateur wrestler that was personally scouted by Jim Ross… which, essentially, makes him Jack Swagger, Jr.). Failing that, they’re bringing in younger guys that are still in their mold-able phase – Big E Langston, for example. And Reigns, if you want to count him in this size category at 265, but he’s got about 2 or 3 generations worth of wrestling already in his DNA, so his natural improvement in the ring shouldn’t really surprise anybody.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Right, because burying the smaller guys (Bret, Shawn, ect) and pushing the monsters (Diesel, Mable, ect) worked so well in the mid-90s. Vince will NEVER learn. Ever. Talent always trumps size.

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      i like how you clearly ignored guys like Taker, Kane, Batista(even though he wasnt technically gifted), Show, Hall, Lesnar, Rock, Goldberg, Nathan Jones, Albert, Palumbo who had memorable moments in the late 90s-early00s.

    • Me

      They didn’t say they wanted to bury the smaller guys, just that they wanted to spotlight bigger guys. There is a difference.

  • YoungAngryMan

    Well if they are Samoa Joe type workers, then whatever.

    One a side note. Did you know that for every second you don’t download the WWE App a kitten dies? I hope you can live with yourself.

  • Ya Boy J Black

    If they want to push bigger guys so much then why don’t the Real Americans take over. Swagger and Cesaro are about the same size and more athletic

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      They can’t decide what to do with Cesaro, I don’t think. This may be a completely crazy, off-the-wall conjecture, but I wonder if Cesaro’s being punished by association for the Kassius Ohno disaster? Remember, Ohno wasn’t in WWE’s good books from the jump, as they wanted to sign him (probably on Cesaro’s recommendation) and he failed a physical because of elevated testosterone, which essentially was equivalent to having a wellness violation before even signing a contract. And if Cesaro’s the one that recommended that Ohno be signed, then I wouldn’t put it past WWE to put the blame on Cesaro for how things went. But again, that’s just conjecture.

      As for Swagger, they may have simply given up on him as a top prospect. Guys have short leashes in WWE. You can only fail to meet expectations once or twice before they put you in the doghouse and don’t let you out. Just look at Drew McIntyre. Does anyone, and I mean, ANYONE, that watches him in the ring not think that he’s better than being attached to 3MB?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    They have a bunch of bigger guys on the roster if they’d just use them properly. Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus once he’s healthy… but if they’re not careful with this stance, they’re going to have a hard time
    signing people. It’s a general rule of thumb that guys with talent
    don’t want to work anywhere where there’s a limited opportunity for advancement. And that’s with any profession.

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