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Backstage News on Ryback, Tyson Kidd-MITB, SummerSlam Axxess Hype

– WWE posted the following video to promote this year’s SummerSlam Axxess event in Los Angeles:

– Tyson Kidd qualified for Money in the Bank on last night’s WWE SmackDown and wrote the following on Twitter:

“Time to start that money in the bank style training. Biggest opportunity in my entire career. Let’s do this #workhorse”

– WWE officials have reportedly been impressed with Ryback’s crowd reactions at live events. Besides the Goldberg chants, the feeling is that the fans are starting to like Ryback and chant his “feed me more” lines.

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  • Austin

    Ryback sucks ass. Hes so damn boring in the ring

  • jayman

    y do u guys like ryback? he sucks

  • johncenafan

    Yeah Ryback does suck his a waste of space and needs to get fired ASAP

  • wweiceman96


    Fans: “DAMN! Skip Sheffield is a BEAST! I want to see more of him!”

    2012: “Ryback sucks because he looks like Goldberg and Rob Van Dam. He has a beard, he’s bald and he wears a singlet.”

    Make up your damn minds.

  • Nick

    I like Ryback, i think his matches are pretty entertaining, i dont expect a clinic out of him or anything but i think its fun seeing him beat up multiple opponents by himself. I think they need to do something a little different from the 1 vs 2 matches now though, make him fight 3 or something. I think itd be awesome to see him do tables matches or something. He’s a sideshow attraction right now, kinda like Brodus Clay was when he first started this funky gimmick, i prefer Ryback over him though.

  • havok

    the guy is over like crazy and he has a good look, give him some actual talent and see what this guy has to offer….this is how you get over del rio

  • mike

    ryback should fight a real pro!! he could be champion!!!!!!!!!

  • SoWii

    Maybe he can feud with Mark Henry? Assuming he’s gonna get a babyface/tweener push.

  • LOL wweiceman96, and touch√©! Please, WWE, enough already with the squashing! Give Ryback a “real” opponent! What the hell–since former MITB winner Jack Swagger has been reduced to jobbing, why not start with him?

  • Chelsii

    Fuck ryback he sucks like Sheamus.

  • RCmaster305

    @wweiceman96 are you surprised? this is the iwc were talking about

  • RCmaster305

    unlike everyone else i havent turned on ryback yet its way too danm early to start judging him especially when he hasent even had a real match yet i think the guy has potential he has a impresive build and a pretty deccent gimmick i just need to see some more from him if they want this gimmick to get extreamly over they need to put him against someone like mark henry or mason ryan and let him squash them if booked right i dont expect another goldberg but maybe like another ultimate warrior…with the look of goldberg

  • Manny

    This is what they need to change about Ryback he’s too serious let him laugh and have fun while he’s beating up jobbers, once he gets into a more serious feud let him get pissed. Something like they did with Batista. Any thoughts on this?

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