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Backstage News on Sandow’s Cash In, AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan Videos

– spoke with Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee at Ringside Fest 2013 in New York City last week:

– Damien Sandow received praise backstage at RAW on Monday for his match with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Vince McMahon made the decision to have Sandow cash in on RAW to help the ratings with major competition from the MLB and the NFL.

Partial source:

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  • fj2305

    Vince McMahon made the decision to have Sandow cash in on RAW to help the ratings with major competition from the MLB and the NFL….
    and then he lost…

    • Trey Doss

      you just knew vince wasn’t gonna take the title off of cena that fast

  • mika009

    So they have an unadvertised surprise match to help ratings and not only did Sandow lose the match he also lost the briefcase and the money in the bank angle/title. Makes sense.

  • xtremeattitude

    greendow’s best matches were both with cena
    first was the match from main event last year and then last monday on raw

    • tt2000

      Go watch Smackdown every once in a while. He has had plenty of good matches there.

      • xtremeattitude

        like what?
        the guy is medicore in the ring

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    So….they wasted Sandow’s contract on a quarter ratings boost? And they STILL couldn’t break a 3.0? F*cking pathetic, makes me sick. Vince is a senile, old fool. If I were Sandow, I would have flat-out refused. These wrestlers need to grow a pair and protect their characters. This is business, and this decision may very well have cost Sandow a LOT of money.

    • Maddox

      Calm your tits, This may work out in Sandows favour instead of doing what you suggested and ending up like Ziggler

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        Lately, all we are getting is the worst, not the best. Misused Bryan, misused Ziggler, misused Cesaro, & now apparently misusing Sandow. They are doing very little right at the moment, so excuse my skepticism.

        • Maddox

          Yea but all am saying is that cashing successfully hasn’t done well for the smackdown MITB winners like Ziggler,Bryan,Punk,Swagger etc. He had a competitive match against Cena but am willing to see where this goes. Not saying anything will come off it but him cashing in wouldn’t have also done much for him

          • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

            Defeating Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship wouldn’t have done much for him? That makes ZERO sense. The entire thing makes zero sense, and it cannot be justified.

          • YM5

            you forget that Vince gives zero f*cks about wrestler’s loyalties to him, because they have nowhere else to go. if you speak up you’ll get buried then fired if you dont learn

          • Poppy’s Hammer

            You throw around Four examples and you know Three of them were actually successful in their runs and out of that Two they became WWEC champions and have won over the crowd and helped carry the Raw brand. Those Two people are Bryan and Punk.

            Swagger was never really over when he had MITB, if he had a manager he would have had a way better reign for sure though. Ziggler on the other hand, he was doing absolutely well until his concussion, then punished for speaking out. The guy was practically buried by WWE because of that.

            You think that Sandow wouldn’t have benefited from the win, I say he would have quite a bit. The guy can talk, he put on a great performance, actually could get heat unlike ADR and is interesting to watch. MITB was about making future champs and possible main event carders, WWE just threw that out the window for some crappy ratings and to keep their poster boy looking like superman.

          • Maddox

            Those guys became more successful after they lost the World Heavyweight championship. They were made to look like lucky champions that weren’t in the league of those they were competing with. Did Punk and Bryan look like credible champions during their WHC runs? NO. If Sandow had won, he would still be portrayed as so and would have lost most of his matches, This loss might or might not work out in his favour, lets see

  • Izo

    foley won the wwf championship from the rock on raw and wwf’s ratings went higher and never lost to wcw after that. Sandow loses to cena and… oh wait nothing changed, just the same guy champion for the millionth time.

    people should really stop boo’ing cena, just be quiet. They want you to boo him, being absolutely silent is the worst thing for a wrestler yet everyone supports cena with boo’s, like lol?

    • Guest

      I’ve been suggesting that for years actually lol…I still think it would work.

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