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Backstage News on Vince’s Bad Attitude, Possible Mania Pre-show Title Match, More

- R-Truth vs. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro may end up being one of the WrestleMania 29 pre-show matches.

– There was scheduled to be a WWE Hall of Fame announcement on Monday’s RAW but it never happened. While there has been a push to induct Paul Bearer, it’s believed that he was not the planned announcement. We noted earlier on WNZ that Booker T may be inducted this year.

– One WWE source described Vince McMahon as “very argumentative and contrary” right now. Vince has reportedly been constantly second-guessing other people’s ideas and his own. The Royal Rumble buyrate may be contributing to Vince’s bad attitude but the source described Vince as “a massive pain in the ass to work with right now.”

It was also noted that WWE writers are working a very demanding schedule at the office and not only is Vince demanding constant changes, but it’s said that Stephanie McMahon is “fanning the flames” by requesting that writers come up with more options for Vince to go over.


  • jcice13

    they don’t need MORE ideas they just need GOOD ones

  • Y2J

    Personally, I don’t think Booker should go in yet. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I think he still has one more run in him and I’m not a big fan of HOF’ers wrestling a lot.

  • CMmox


  • Eric Cormier

    I know most “smart” wrestling fans won’t agree with me but personally it should be Ryder vs. Cesaro. It’s in NY/NJ, and it’s during the preshow if that means anything anymore just give the guy a shot whether or not he jobs, it’ll get the crowd their Ryder fix so that during a bad match they don’t start chanting since every time i’m in a NY show and Ryder isn’t there they do.

    Ryder was one of the first ones to face Cesaro back in Sept at NoC and i’m sorry R-Truth will just be boring to me until he turns back to that crazy heel where he was actually funny, and fun to watch.

    Don’t forget just my opinion and I stand by it.

    • James

      I Love Ryder WWWYKI

      • Eric Cormier

        Same here James, he’s a guy along with Tyson Kidd that for one reason or another has alot to offer and keeps getting pulled into the doom of jobbing. They’re the only real underdogs in my eyes and need to get some light shined on them in some way or another.

        Yes Ryder is goofy and blah blah blah but we act like we’ve never supported goofy before in the WWE, half of the attitude era stars were goofy in alot of way it’s a part of what makes wrestling fun. He sells alot of merch, gets a nice pop when he comes out, and did garner 1 million followers on Twtter which to me or someone may not seem like an accomplishment but thats a million people wanting to follow you. Is there any logical reason to have him job to guys like Fandango? Is Fandango ever going to make the money Ryder has? well who knows but at least from a business standpoint i’ll never understand why to bury a guy selling you stuff.

        • James

          Yeah and everybody loved ryder last year! why hate him now? typical iwc bandwagoner

  • IamLisa

    Do they really need to add Booker to the 2013 HoF class?
    Isn’t it already too star-studded?

  • Samantha Cross

    Why make the pre show something irrelevant! R-Truth vs Antionio Cesaro finished in December.

    • tomcatjerrymouse

      Ain’t the pre show match supposed be irrelevant. If not it would be on the main card.

  • Rob

    Cesaro deserves to be on the WM card not the preshow..

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    im not saying there is anything with booker t he is great the 5 time wcw champ tag champs king the ring etc but i see no point putting hi in this year the class this year is huge i still would have added paul if i could seen there is no mangers going in and paul was one the best

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