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Backstage News on Vince’s Return, Creative News on RAW Endings

– While Vince McMahon was reported to be returning several times over the past few months, word now is that his return was always planned for January 2014 and they didn’t want to bring him back early but figured they would have to in order to help bump ratings during football season when things really started to dip. With John Cena back, Vince may be kept off TV for the rest of this year.

– Regarding WWE ending RAW with heels on the giving end of a beatdown, WWE’s creative team is booking it with the idea that if it happens at the end of a show, it makes sense for no babyface to come out to make the save because they’ve already left the building.


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  • Bignic

    So if the heels are still in the building to give the beat down why wouldn’t the faces be in the building to make the save.

    • The_Brown_Widow

      That make sense.

  • Macho Man

    You have got to be kidding me! What the hell has happened to WWE Creative over the last year or so?

    • sonik

      They’ve probably watched too much TNA

    • Z….

      lol…year or so…ROFLMAO

  • Z….

    wow…I actually thought that might be their thought process and then said “no. that would be way too stupid…they’re pretty much saying that their product doesnt matter enough for the talent to stay through the whole night by doing that. There has to be another reason.” Apparently, I forgot the #1 rule…Logic doesnt exist there

    • Macho Man

      Take it easy there Mr.TNA blowhard, WWE’S Creative Department is still a million times better than TNA’S!

      • Z….

        is TNA mentioned here? Did I ever say TNA has been any good since January 2010? Do you have to be such a douchebag? The answer to all 3 of those questions should be no, but I know you’re doing your best there anyway on that last one

        • Macho Man

          Your always blowing on and on about TNA. You blow on and on about wrestling shows you say no longer interest you, but yet here you are on a wrestling website talking about the shows you don’t watch?????? And I’m the douchebag!

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