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Backstage News on Why WWE Might Not Sign Richards and Edwards

– There has been no deal offered to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards but signing them is an ongoing discussion within WWE. People within the company are pushing for them to be signed or at least be given a more in-depth look in NXT.

Other people, mainly Triple H, is against signing them because he and others feel that WWE has signed enough indy style guys. The feeling is that they have met their quota when it comes to that kind of wrestler so they need to start looking for more larger than life characters so WWE doesn’t end up with such a one-dimensional roster.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Stevewiser

    At least sign Davey!

    • Maddox

      Why Richards? Why not Edwards?

      • Stevewiser

        Personal preference. I’ve always found Eddie Edwards to be boring for some reason.

  • Helien

    I have to agree with Triple H.He has that sense of own style of bringing in wrestlers not just from the indy scene but also from those young athletes from colleges and ex-football players.I think they should not hire more talent from the indy scene.Pac,Hero,Cesaro,Bryan,Paige,Ambrose,Rollins,Rawley,Zayn are enough for the business for now.I think all they need is to hire big guys without exprience but passionate about the business like a Batista or Bobby lashley.

    • tt2000

      Mojo Rawley?

    • ShowOff76

      Rawley with all these other super talented wrestlers… you have to be kidding, i’d rather see Edwards and Richards instead of Rawley, this guy has nothing, he totally screwed up his debut

      • Luis Malaret

        Rawley was NEVER a indy wrestler. MoJo was a Football player turned wrestler by the WWE who the officials love for his work ethic and energy with the crowd. Most likely Prince Devitt will be the last indy wrestler the WWE will sign before focusing on Vince style male non-wrestling based powerhouses.

  • tmeister

    That make sense in a way

  • Tyler Drummond

    Diversity is key. Having guys of all shapes and sizes brings excitement, allows for different things and gives everyone someone to connect to and get behind.

  • KingBack

    I think these guys should be signed but I see where HHH is coming from.
    It would be way to stale to just watch small indy guys run the show
    just like it would be way to stale to just watch big muscle guys run the show.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Yeah, most football players tend to be really athletic for being big guys, but it’d be nice for them to get a hold of a couple more Jack Swagger-types that are amateur wrestlers on the larger end of the size spectrum. Although, to be fair, Swagger also played football in college…

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