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WWE Not Interested in Signing Top TNA Names

As reported earlier, AJ Styles denied online reports that WWE has offered him a contract with the company. According to a report by Raj Giri of WrestlingINC.com, Styles’ claims are true and the company is not interested in signing TNA talent.

Triple H was asked why would he want to sign Styles’ to the company when they already have a handful of their own high flyers. Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe were also deemed as good hands, but the company is looking to develop their own talents at the WWE Performance Center.

Styles, whose contract was originally set to expire next month, is believed to have already signed a new contract with TNA Wrestling.

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  • Steveweiser

    Gotta love all the conflicting reports. Shows how big of a joke wrestling “journalists” are. People are in such a rush to get the big exclusive they all end up reporting rumors as facts.

  • Reverend Scurvy

    WWE shouldn’t be interested in TNA talent. The only people they should be interested in are Kurt Angle(for a managerial or commentator role), and Jeff Hardy(if he can stay out of trouble). Samoa Joe is the only guy they should pay attention to that hasn’t already been in wwe.

    • Reverend Scurvy

      And Sting in a limited role. I forgot about him.

      • james

        ting will never go to WWE. He’s TNA till he retires.

  • Guest

    Lol why are my comments always under moderation? I’m not flaming or baiting anyone and never have -____-

  • Macho Man

    I understand WWE’s desire to develop new talents and all that but I would love to see them bring in Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles and Austin Aries. I think these guys are the 4 best talents TNA has to offer since Angle and Hardy have problems staying out of trouble in “REAL” life. If I threw a wildcard guy in to take a chance on it would be Gunner.

    • Sieg

      Storm and Roode as a tag team would be great, just a matter of finding a PG gimmick as the beer thing wouldn’t go over well. Zema Ion (hope he’s better after his illness) and Magnus would be great young guys to have as well. I think Kenny King would be great as well granted they’d have to work to take down all his pics and info as a chippendale lol

  • B-Ped

    The only one I really would like to see make the leap from TNA to WWE is Samoa Joe. The guy is a beast.

  • Ya Boy J Black

    Idk care HHH likes Bobby Roode because the “IT factor” did resemble HHH at his best and Punk and Austin love Joe. They should be the 2 guys TNA put their show around along with Aries and Bad Influencs

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