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Backstage News on WWE Partnering with All Japan Pro Wrestling

– We noted yesterday how word came from Japan that WWE is partnering up with All Japan Pro Wrestling. This comes after WWE’s recent tour of Japan where several promotion heads pitched ideas to WWE officials about establishing developmental territories there.

In an update, word is that All Japan’s Kaz Hayashi and another official had dinner with WWE’s John Laurinaitis while WWE was in Japan earlier this year. AJPW talked with Laurinaitis about them being a developmental territory for WWE. Apparently that’s what the new partnership is. For what it’s worth, the impression was given to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer that there’s “nothing major” to the deal.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Adam

    It’s an important deal for the future of wrestling, WWE and TNA need to do more to find new talent and help them get to a professionals level, instead of hoping the next big thing will turn up on their doorstep.

  • jayman

    tna had a partnership with roh for a couple years, and a partnership with the much bigger New Japan Pro Wrestling for a couple years, so i dont understand why your saying TNA needs to find more talent? You major ignoramus.

    Your Welcome.

  • sdd619

    WWE & AJPW working together for the first time since the 70’s

  • Real Kosher

    @sdd619 the last time they worked to gether was in 1990 at the Wrestling Summit event in japan get your facts straight dumbass

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