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Backstage News on WWE’s GM Storyline – Big Survivor Series Match?, More

– As seen on RAW, AJ Lee overruled Booker T’s #1 contenders match from last Friday’s SmackDown by putting Kane and Daniel Bryan into a tag team and having them wrestle for the #1 contendership. The two have traded shots on Twitter and this is all part of the current General Managers storyline that we’ve been reporting on. There’s speculation now that it will end at Survivor Series.

The plan has been for both General Managers to keep having issues come up until Vince McMahon returns to fire them both and name a new person to oversee both RAW and SmackDown. As noted earlier this week, there’s an internal rumor that Ric Flair may be brought in for that role.


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  • Chelsii.

    I’m slowly turning against AJ… she is getting annoying now. Just put her in the title hunt.

    If they’re going for a 5v5 match at Survivor Series to settle their differences. Then here’s who I see on the teams.

    Team AJ:
    – The Miz (Team Captain)
    – Titus O’Neil
    – Darren Young
    – Mark Henry
    – Antonio Cesaro

    Team Booker
    – Santino Marella (Captain ONLY because the writers are expected to this as they’re dumb)
    – Ryback
    – The Great Khali
    – Sin Cara
    – Rey Mysterio

    Probably not going to happen, but whatever. Also, it really should depend on if one of them is going to make a heel turn.

  • Rg41982

    Just fire them next Monday. They both suck as fake gms.

  • showoff

    Ptp wouldnt be on her team she jus took em out the title math pretty much

  • matthew

    get rid of aj asap she sucks. booker is ok

  • GN-0015

    I’d prefer if they team up at SS, form a team to defend their positions, while Flair sends another team. If Flair’s team wins, he will become the new GM for both shows. But I actually still think Booker T has potential as a GM, only the booking of his character needs improvement.

  • Joseph

    While cannot wait for the firing of AJ (I have always hated her) I do not want Flair back on TV. If people stopped hiring him he would be forced to retire.

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