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Backstage News on WWE’s Plans for Damien Sandow

– WWE will be turning Damien Sandow babyface soon. It was discussed earlier this year to have Sandow cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase but lose. That idea appears to be off the table now and it looks like a World Heavyweight Title run is in his future.

Sandow was reportedly told not to do cartwheels and singing any more, in part because that’s the gimmick for NXT’s Aiden English now. Word is that Vince McMahon feels if someone on the main roster is doing the same gimmick as someone in NXT, it makes the main roster guy look like an amateur.


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  • The_Fearless_Diva

    Finally Damien Sandow is turning babyface . It is about time because i thought that his heel gimmick was boring.

    • I’m starting to think you find all heels boring.

      • The_Fearless_Diva

        Well JBL was my favorite as a heel. I like Dean Ambrose character.

      • The_Fearless_Diva

        And I like Wade Barretts heel character as well.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    So singing and cartwheels that made him likeable is being amateur?

    • KingBack

      I don’t get the logic either.
      It would rather make the NXT guy a wannabe.

      • Lmao looks like he has an afro XD

  • i know this doesnt have nothing to do with the article But….NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!!

    • KingBack

      Why is his hair under his lips while his beard over his eyes?

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

  • tmeister

    so we wont be getting a cody rhodes vs damien sandow feud for the world title?

  • Maddox

    His Gimmick is perfect for a heel, Don’t ruin hm

  • D.M.T

    The Intellectual Savior needs to turn babyface because that’s the only way that he can truly safe all of you from ignorance and ADR’s boring title reign.

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      AMEN to that!!!!!

  • tt2000

    Vince is such a weird son of a b!tch. Where does he come up with this sh!t…

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      When he’s playing a game of Go Fish with Michael Cole.

    • KingBack

      It’s called behaving like a man but being a little girl inside.

    • It could go basically like this: Sandow says his opponent is an idiot and he and the fans are much smarter. So like Damien Sandow critising other wrestlers saying they’re not as smart as the fans and himself.

  • KingBack

    So WWE will ruin a great gimmick just to keep ADR in the WHC picture..
    I simply can’t imagine Sandow as a face and I have a hard time seeing how he can
    make his current ”Im smarter than you” gimmick go over as a face.

  • Devon

    ADR fuckin blows!!! Sandow better beat him. Dont care if he is face or heel

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