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Backstage News on WWE’s Plans for Roman Reigns, Summer Rae News

– Some fans may have noticed that Summer Rae’s “Mean Girls” gimmick on NXT is similar to the mid-80’s UWF version of Missy Hyatt and that’s not a coincidence. Rae studied old tapes of the way Hyatt projected her character although the characters themselves are different. Dusty Rhodes knew this and the “First Lady of NXT” name they gave her specifically was modeled after Hyatt’s “First Lady of Wrestling” name.

– As of this past week, the plan to turn Roman Reigns babyface is scheduled to be fast-tracked. WWE officials are looking at him as being the new young golden boy of the promotion. On RAW this week they did nothing past put him in a position where his spear on Big Show was designed to make people pop.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Chelsii?

    Is Summer Rae also an ultra-whore?

    • YM5

      no, if she is its definitely not on the same level. I swear to God if ur within 15 feet of Missy Hyatt you can smell her lol no bull

    • tom

      no, shes not your mom

      • Chelsii?

        Do you ever have anything intelligent to say?

  • Tsall13

    He’s still to green and needs improvement in the ring and on the mic… Seth carried most their matches and Ambrose carried all the great promos… another failed push is coming… believe in that!!

    • james

      i like roman, he improved alot over the year. alot of people agree with me on this aswell. you indy bandwaggoner!

      • Tsall13

        He will be jobbing in no time on main event… over hyped and already over rated by idíots like you getting excited about a spear that Goldberg did ten times better with more aggression and speed… Seth and Ambrose are the true talents in that group… so many other guys deserve the push over him… cesaro, ziggler, sandow and wyatt to name a few that are way better then this failure that’s upon us…

        • Maddox

          He is still gonna do better than Seth Rollins though so get used to that

          • Tsall13

            So you’re telling me that the last handful of single matches Seth has had that were matches of the night Roman has equaled then or excelled them?? Lol you’re high if you think so cause he hasn’t had one great match on his own yet… it’s hard to notice his weaknesses when he’s being carried by two other great talents… just wait a year when he’s non existent and delegated to mid card jobbing…

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Roman Reigns is a good wrestler. He will do good on his own.

          • Maddox

            He’s been improving, You can also say that about Big E when he first debutted but now people are beginning to like him. He has the best look out of all of them and being around those guys atleast would make him get better

    • tt2000

      I agree that he needs work but I can’t see him failing. He’s got lots of charisma and a great look. He reminds me of Batista.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        I project him higher than Batista if WWE so allows it. Batista was 33 when he made his main-roster debut (as D-Von Dudley’s lackey, no less), 34 when he joined Evolution (and was, hilariously enough, billed by Triple H as being the ‘future’ of wrestling despite actually being older than Triple H is) also winning his first tag title in that same year, and 36 when he won his first singles belt. He never got the IC strap, either, which keeps him out of the Triple Crown conversation.

        Reigns, I think, is a Triple Crown guy by 2016, at which point he will be 30-31 years old and probably, assuming health, have at least 7 more good years in him.

  • Padres4life

    they want to make him the new Cena? ha ha yeah right.

    • Joker Ambrose

      I would rather take him over Cena. Hes seems to be learning in ring psychology and wrestling from Ambrose and Rollins and his improved noticeably in a years time and seems to be connecting with the crowd too.

      • jcice13

        your name is appropriate for this comment cause you got to be what business world would a person who wants to make the most money possible want reigns over cena??? and I am in no way a cena fan but how much money does his rake in for vince? and how much could reigns possibly generate?

        • Joker Ambrose

          When you compare wwe to any other business you lose credibility right there. Wrestling is a circus and I am a freak for watching it. Reigns is a big guy who shows more potential then Cena in terms of in ring ability, psychology, mic work and connecting with the crowd. If they push him like they have Cena over the years there is little chance that he cant become the guy. He is a likable guy who can be the next golden goose for wwe considering Cena is 36 or 37 now.

        • Joker Ambrose

          So you are telling me that in your perception Reigns will never be as big as Cena even though he has all the tools and a cousin in Rock that can come back to put him over. Cena is not that big when compared to stars of yesterday. He is the only guy in this company who has defeated Rock, HBK, HHH, Batista, Orton, Punk, and many other legends and stars clean. Reigns already gets a reaction from the crowd and he is improved drastically in a year and will continue to with his passion. If he is booked the same way as Cena then I think he can be as big if not a bigger superstar.

          • jcice13

            that is exactly what I am telling you and for no other reason than you are comparing a guy who no matter how good you think he “might” become to a guy who’s one of the top 5 of all time money wise, and if what was written on this site a while ago saying how much Cena makes vince a year in merchandise Reigns nor will anyone else come close to Cena in a long time. Look I keep saying this over and over but I don’t know why it’s so hard to comprehend, first off I am in no way a fan of Cena’s, as a matter of fact I am sick of looking at him, that being said? I am not blind to the fact that vince loves him and that he makes money like they’re printing it themselves. You name the guy, any guy, and show me where he’s done even near the amount of money that Cena has? I think reigns could be very good maybe even way above average but to take him over cena is just plain bad business

  • Janek Bezcenny

    I think the best potential to be a good “face” has Seth Rollins .

    • jcice13

      I’d actually pick either of the two before reigns

    • KingBack

      Rollins will be the one who will suffer the most from Shield breaking up.
      It’s pretty clear that WWE look at him as the weak link.

      • Hawkins

        What makes you think he will suffer? If anything…Seth could B a top Babyface (or even top heel) midcarder as the ic champ or something then move up the

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    you know what is funny, is roman reigns looks like Ares from Hercules (Kevin Smith), so if they ever need a similar actor WWE has someone to offer. I mean he does have the look to actually do something on the side that can draw for wwe.

  • Phiruse

    Roman Reigns is getting there. But I want to see how he works on the mic alone.

  • Maddox

    Yea Reigns is not as good as Ambrose and Rollins but he has the best look and has been improving a lot. People were praising him earlier when the Shield were still on a rampage but because he is about to be pushed ahead of Rollins and Ambrose some people think he will fail? Hypocritical

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I know the indy fans want Ambrose and Rollins, and that’s fair enough (although I don’t know if I quite like Rollins’ mic work yet, and when you’re a smaller guy, that’s literally the difference between being a top face and being a jobber). Indy fans are predisposed to hate guys like Reigns because he fits the physical profile of the type of guy WWE’s used as an excuse to bury indy wrestlers for so long. But let’s get one thing straight – Reigns isn’t your typical big guy. He’s not as experienced in-ring as Ambrose or Rollins, no, but being that the three of them are right about the same age and all still very young, it’s not like the latter two have some sort of insurmountable edge on him, either. Also, people act like Reigns hasn’t been around a ring before. And a lot of those people haven’t done their research. Pretty much half of Reigns’s family has wrestled in WWE at one point or another. He may know THIS promotion better than the other two do. That’s a big deal and, frankly if you’re not going to come from some sort of indy background, it’s the next best thing.

    The second thing I point to – although I don’t believe that he was incompetent in the ring from the beginning – is the pace at which he’s improved and continues to improve. I didn’t really like him in the ring either when he debuted, but he’s changed my mind quickly. I give it a year or two (which, unless WWE’s completely ridiculous, is about as long as it’ll take to complete this supposed ‘push’ – fast track or no) before he’s one of the better 250+ performers in the entire company. As for his mic work, I think he’ll be fine as long as WWE doesn’t force him to talk more than he needs to in the early goings. Reigns doesn’t need to be a big talker right now. The intensity he has in the ring and his size and explosion are enough to get him over.

    As for Ambrose and Rollins? Don’t you worry your little indy fan heads. They’ll be fine. I do have my reservations about Rollins – not so much due to his size (exact same size as Punk, within a half inch and a steak dinner) as that he sells extremely well and thus makes a very convincing loser. But if he can get his mic skills to catch up with his in-ring prowess, he’ll stick very easily. The fact is, The Shield has a higher upside as individual performers than WWE’s seen from a stable in quite some time.

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