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Backstage News on WWE’s Tag Division, WWE Ending a Major Feud Soon, More

– We haven’t seen the end of the feud between John Cena and CM Punk yet. Apparently WWE officials are working on something that will end the rivalry before Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season arrives.

– WWE officials are pleased with the turn around the tag team division has made lately. They are especially high on Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. As noted before, reviving the tag team division was something Triple H has been behind.

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  • Kevin

    Rhodes Scholars is the best tag team in WWE right now. 2nd best is Hell No

  • Rybork Laserback

    Hell No is the best. They are over, entertaining, talented and have chemistry. Rhodes Scholars is also great. Rey/Cara are great too and a fan favorite. Prime Time Players are booked like a threat and the two have great chemistry together. Cobro is also a fan favorite obviously, the two are popular with the fans. Then there’s the 3MB which is working as a tag-team recently, a random but hilarious faction. Not to mention Primo/Epico, Gabriel/Kidd and The Uso’s. Thats a pretty large tag-division.

    Funny how quick they turned the division around.

    As for Punk/Cena. End it in a TLC match.

  • Heisenberg

    HHH has done a great job at reviving the Tag Team division. Finally, he accomplished something right in his infant executive job stint in wwe. Btw I like his boy Damien Sandow. Great at making promos better than Rhodes.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I don’t think Gabriel and Kidd are considered a tag team any longer. They seem to be looking at Gabriel for a singles run – but word is if Evan Bourne manages to come back from his injury, they’ll pair him with Kidd. I don’t like 3MB in the Tag Team division unless they get to use the Freebird rule. No disrespect to Slater and Mahal (or maybe so) but every time I see Drew McIntyre (who I believe is the most talented of the three) standing on the apron doing nothing, I want to throw something at my TV.

    The Rhodes/Sandow combo has pleasantly surprised me. I hated it at first – not because I didn’t think it could work, but because I thought it was an arbitrary and unnecessary throttling of two very promising singles careers. Thing is, it will still be exactly that in my eyes until Rhodes and Sandow hold the titles. I thought the Rey/Cara team was a good move for both guys’ careers, but I hope they never hold the titles. The Usos are under the glass ceiling until Jimmy’s DUI thing gets resolved. The PTPs aren’t ready yet and could use another manager. Maybe Eve? She’s good at drawing heat for a Diva. I’m sort of glad Kofi/Truth split because we almost had too many tag teams… which I guess is a better problem to have than having too few.

  • end their rivalry? but both of them would still be in the title picture right? what about elimination chamber? both of them are probably gonna be in it, right? i see rock winning at royal rumble against whomever, and the winner of the elimination chamber faces him…..

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