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Backstage Report on Triple H & Vince, More on a Kofi Kingston Heel Turn

- There have been discussions about turning Kofi Kingston heel with the idea that he’s talented but has been booked in a way where they will never be able to get him over as a babyface without a heel turn and push first.

– A new change in WWE developmental is to give the talents bullet points instead of scripts and teaching them to do promos like they used to be done.

It’s been noted that Triple H is far more old school in his thoughts on pro wrestling than Vince McMahon and when he’s in full control, we will likely see the storylines evolve back to a more believable and serious approach.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Guest

    Vince I love ya but seriously hand the reigns over to Triple H ASAP

    • Thatoneperson

      As if he’d do any better.

      • Nintendawg

        Triple H will do better because he’s actually a wrestling fan unlike Vince and HHH is much younger too. Look at what HHH has done to NXT. NXT went from being unwatchable to becoming better than Smackdown and almost better than RAW

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          A guy like Vince is hard to replace for the simple fact that he’s the visionary leader that really put WWE on the map. But HHH, IMO, has a better eye for who can be talented in a wrestling ring. And why wouldn’t he? He was a regular in-ring competitor for the better part of two decades. He was in there and mixed it up with legends like Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair – several times over, in fact. He’s still a wrestler first (and for better or worse, that’s why he keeps coming back). He knows great wrestlers can come from all sorts of sources and in all sorts of shapes and sizes because he’s been in the ring with just about all of them. And the great thing about Triple H is, although he’s much younger than Vince, he’s also very in tune with the old school of the pro wrestling business, like this article says.

          With all of this, I’d make the argument that Triple H, as he is now, is probably the person most capable of filling the massive hole left by Vince’s inevitable departure – whether he’s married to Stephanie or not.

  • CMmox

    Can’t wait for HHH as chairman..

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    i really hope so hhh but we all know vince wont give up the chairman spot to the game without vince been dead first

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Question is, what do you have Kofi Kingston do to turn heel after being a face for his entire career? The old standby of beating the hell out of Rey Mysterio won’t work since Mysterio’s not around. I’d actually be interested to see this, if only for freshness’s sake. I’m not sure Kofi would be any better as a heel than as a face, especially given that his wrestling style is EXTREMELY face-like and I’m not entirely sure about his mic skills – meaning, I’m not entirely sure whether or not they exist. The other thing that worries me about that whole thing is, what faces are left in the midcard if/when Kofi turns? They might want to consider pushing Bo Dallas again – slowly and organically this time – because, if Kofi turns heel, that cupboard’s going to get pretty bare.

    • Mohamed Abdo

      yeah , I agree.. he will not be convincing .. Cuz , all of him is extremely face as u said .. including his style , his passion and his mic skills, all Face not Heel . but at this point .. if WWE turn him heel , we will see their real skills of how they convince us of Kofi to be a good heel !!.

  • JokerMash961

    If Vince can’t be gotten rid of altogether, then he will be kicked upstairs in this scenario; he could remain Chairman of the Board, but Triple H will be the President, who actually has that final say over everything. Maybe that changing of the guard is just what the WWE needs to finally start its recovery into a new boom period down the road.

  • Kevin

    If Kofi dose get a heel turn and a push I wonder if Orton is gonna kill Kofi’s push again.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I thought Orton himself wanted to turn heel. I doubt a heel Kofi would feud with a face Orton because 1.) Orton’s too high on the card, and 2.) There’s always a risk of running a program with Orton because he’s a problem child. I think the best way to do it would be to team him up with R-Truth again, at least temporarily, and then have them lose a match, which will cause Kofi to turn on Truth. It’s an easy storyline to make, as several of Kofi’s pushes in the tag team division have been aborted through no fault of his own, but rather because his partners (R-Truth being one of them) kept f***ing up or getting hurt.

  • Sting’s Dad

    Triple H needs to be handed the reigns soon.

    Vince seems to have completely lost touch over the years. When WWF/E was at its best, it was because Vince made himself personally responsible for every fail (and success). But these days, news articles mainly consist of “Vince was furious with creative at last week’s RAW”, “Vince was said to be in a foul mood at RAW after a talent botched their promo”, or “Vince angry at camera guy for showing blood”.

    -The Vince of old would have made himself responsible for the failures and would have the ability to turn them into strengths without being ‘furious’ at other people. He wouldn’t simply ‘blame creative’ from a poor RAW rating.

    But in 2013, it seems as though he’s more concerned with WWE’s external image than the he is about the actual product itself (wrestling).

    The company needs rebuilding from the bottom all the way to the top and Triple H has the mind and accolades to lead the project.

  • Hawkins

    If he does turn heel…caaaaaaaaaallled it

  • Joseph Douglas

    I don’t care if Kofi stays face or turns heel, but I do want him to get pushed. Preferably to main event status.

  • Stryker

    Kofi would make a great arrogant heel. Hope they really do it and not mess up his push this time.

  • Mr. Creative

    Kofi really does need a push. So if a heel turn will help him become more of the ‘wildcat’ he claims he is inside, then I am all for it. This new soap opera writer better do Kofi heel the right way. I still like to see Kofi feud with Orton again. Perhaps have Orton take Kofi over the edge & Kofi starts ‘hearing voices’. :D Make the sotryline real personal, maybe even include Kofi’s family or actors portraying as such. Though Kofi will be a face the commentators will make note at one point how Kofi is starting to take it too far. Just an idea.

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