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Backstage Update On Lana Having Heat With WWE Officials

As seen on this week’s edition of WWE RAW, Lana attacked Brie Bella on the show. This has led to speculation that the two will be wrestling each other soon. Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Lana may have some new backstage heat on her and that she is not ready to wrestle a singles match.

“There’s a lot of internal stuff going on with Lana right now,” Meltzer stated. Bryan Alvarez, who is the co-host of the show, asked, “hasn’t this been the case for months,” Meltzer replied, “Yeah, but now there’s new stuff.”

Lana received heat in the past with WWE officials after she and Rusev went public with their engagement last year.

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  • It Begins kid

    That’s why they should’ve had a Mix Tag match Dolph/Lana vs Rusev/Summer at SummerSlam.


    Who cares brother! She should took her vitamins!!

  • Zack

    If it’s still heat, why still showcase her as recently as 20 hours ago? I doubt it’s BRAND NEW heat like just today.

    But still, I want Rusev vs Ambrose with Renee and Lana in the corners. They need to get physical towards the end. ?

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