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Bad Influence on Forming, Success & More

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were interviewed by Michael Niziolek of Here are some highlights.

On the Success of Bad Influence: [Kazarian] “We are actually wanted in 11 states for stealing the show, cops are probably looking for us right now. Seriously though, I’m actually having the most fun of my career. Creatively, in the ring, promos I think we are doing our best work too.”

Kazarian on first meeting Christopher Daniels: “I first met Chris when I moved back to California after training in Massachusetts, he was kind of running the show at a place called the School of Hard Knocks,” Kazarian said. “He was already an indy mainstay, and I was green as grass.”

Daniels on forming bad Influence: “I was part of Fortune (a stable) with Frankie in 2011,” Daniels said. “By the end of the year, we sort of saw the writing on the wall in terms of the tag team division. Beer Money split up, Motor City Machine Guns were injured and neither of us were doing much in singles, so we got together to pitch the idea of us becoming a tag team.”

Kazarian on the Bad Influence name: “I always loved the name, I came up with it years ago. I was just hoping no one ever took it. There was no other name that suited us better than that.”

Daniels On their in-ring success: “It made it easier when we started tagging since we were familiar with each other’s style and move-set. It also helped that we are of like minds when it comes to putting a tag team together. We both realized for a tag team to succeed you have to put it ahead of it ahead of your individual careers.”

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  • Z….

    Both need to be a World Champion. They’ve been arguably the best thing going in TNA for at least a year. Everything they do is amazing and hilarious

  • Ya Boy J Black

    Please keep these guys together, they have reminded me of Edge and Christian for so long. They are one of a few bright spots in TNA.

    EGO should run TNA for a while. All 3 should be main eventers

    • Z….

      thats actually a really good comparison in terms of hilarious antics, good promo work, and awesome in ring abilities

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