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Bad News for This Week’s WWE RAW Rating

– The January 9th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 2.9 cable rating with 4,008,000 viewers. This is down from last week’s 4,438,000 viewers and 3.1 rating. RAW’s viewership dropped again this week as the first hour did a 2.96 rating and the second hour did a 2.77 rating – a loss of 176,000 viewers.

In comparison, the BCS Championship Game on ESPN did a 16.22 rating with 24,214,000 viewers but was down 15% from last year’s game.

Source: PWInsider

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    Hope the rating continues to drop till wwe realizes THEY NEED BETTER STORYLINES

  • David

    Wait, how could the rating have gone down?…Cena closed the show, right?!?!

    Seriously, while I enjoy new/old-school Kane completely destroying two faces (well, enjoy him crushing Cena mostly…lol), maybe the WWE will take from this that the lowered ratings when he closed the show were not CM Punk’s fault! let Punk consistently close the show! He is YOUR damn champion, after-all!!!

  • JP

    the rating will keep droping. last night’s raw totally sucked.

  • Zer00

    Huh. So ratings still fell like normal and Punk was barely part of the show? Ironic. Could it be that just throwing Cena on TV isn’t the fix and putting on a better TV show for people to watch on their TV is the more likely solution?

  • glitch

    i’m pretty sure this is their intent. when a big monster like brodus clay walks out and ask you to get on the funk train, thats wwe daring you to change the channel.

  • Spence

    @glitch: The sad part is that Brodus was the most entertaining thing on Raw besides for SOB IS JERICHO!!!!

  • Daniel

    What part of BCS championship do you guys not understand. WWE stories are actually much more entertaining then they were three months ago. I think WWE should continue and see how it does in the long run. FOOTBALL IS GOING TO WIN THE RATINGS WAR!!!

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