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Batista Addresses WWE Return, Santino Tours MMA Academy

– Below is footage of an out-of-character Santino Marella giving his latest tour of his new MMA, fitness and pro wrestling school, Battle Arts Academy.

– Batista addressed questions he receives regarding a WWE return, writing on Twitter, “Dear God…Please make everyone ask me when Im coming back to the WWE! Not sure if reverse psychology will work on God but its worth a shot… Apparently reverse psychology does NOT work on God. Well atleast we have the answer for that. Still….it was worth a shot.”

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  • B-Ped

    So sick of hearing speculation about when, or even if, Batista will ever return.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    If Batista returns then he will return when he is ready.

  • tmeister

    Well it just to show that a lot of people miss Batista (me included)

  • Hawkins

    hahaha first time hearing Marella without that goofy accent….

  • Devon

    He wont return. They have enough part timers

  • Guest

    I hadn’t noticed Santina was gone.

  • godngreatnwoo

    i dont even care if he returns guys boring as hell in the ring

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