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Battleground 2016 Results: Certified Gs Defeat The Club

It’s time for our big six man tag team match, and out first is the team of Cena, Enzo and Cass. And Enzo alone, with his stellar monologue, could have just ended the match there. Seriously, good material in there, even if the promo ran long (guessing they needed to kill some time there).

With the match finally underway, we were treated to the unique offense that comes from Enzo and Cass, specifically Cass propelling Enzo at the opposition as if he were a projectile. But The Club had every answer necessary, as one would expect considering their experience overseas.

Things were going smoothly, until Cena tagged in and things broke down quickly, with Enzo inadvertently hitting Cena, but then AJ nailing Gallows with a forearm, and things only spiraled out of control from there-with the referee letting it all go.

Finally, the two legal men-Cena and Styles-made it back to the ring, at which point Cena landed a big AA from the top turnbuckle, giving the babyface squad the victory.

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