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Battleground 2016 Results: Young Wins, Miz Retains

It’s time for the Intercontinental Title match, as the A-Lister and champion, The Miz, faces off against a seemingly improbable challenge in Darren Young, now under the tutelage of Bob Backlund.

In the early goings, Miz seemed to be in control, or at least, more often than not, had the upper hand. Things definitively turned in his favor when Maryse distracted Young, and Miz took advantage. But in spite of being in control, Miz could not put the former tag team champion away, and Miz got frustrated, which gave Darren an opening.

Just as Young went for a Chicken Wing, Miz ducked out of the ring and tried to escape, but Backlund stopped Miz from leaving. This led to a bizarre altercation between Backlund, Maryse and then Miz, before Darren Young left the ring and slapped the Chicken Wing on Miz.

Young got the win, but Miz retains the gold.

Nice touch having Young walk to the back, staring at his hands a la his new mentor.

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