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Battleground Promo, JR Comments on Sting Winning Poll, More

– Here’s the first promo for WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view:

– WWE will return to Detroit, Michigan for a live event on Saturday, December 28th. The pre-sale password is WWEHOLIDAY.

– It’s worth noting that Hulk Hogan won WWE’s Night of Champions “greatest WWE Champion of all-time” poll. Sting won the poll for “greatest United States Champion of all-time.” JR commented on Sting’s win:

“@Sting voted greatest United States Champ on #WWENOC vote. Let the rumors commence….again.”

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  • Steven

    Gee, I wonder why Sting won that poll. For sure it couldn’t be rigged…….like the rest of the polls…….

  • Ebenezer Grymm

    Those polls were obviously rigged.
    Like TOO obviously.
    Like they might make an angle out of it kind of obviously.

  • Chelsii?

    I wouldn’t even put Hogan in the top 100 WWE champions.

    • Devon

      Really? He belongs in the top 15. But Austin, Taker, Bret, HBK, Rock, Punk, HHH, Savage, Y2J, Eddie, JBL, Bruno, Backlund & Cena are better

    • Macho Man

      That comment just shows how stupid and bias you are. We all know you’re just mad Stone Cold wasn’t voted #1. Get over it and you’re strange obsession with The Hulkster, BROTHER!!!!!!

      • Poppy’s Hammer

        It’s “Mad”, not made. God some people really don’t know how to spell.

        • Macho Man

          I’m well aware of how it is spelled. As you can see it was corrected. I guess you have never pushed two letter’s at once accidentally. Must be nice being perfect! What a tool!

      • Chelsii?

        Hardly, it’s just a fact that Hogan shouldn’t be #1. Out of Stone Cold, Rock, Punk, Bruno & Bret that one of them should’ve been #1.

        • Macho Man

          First off you lose all credibility when you say Hogan shouldn’t be in the top 100, as that’s just beyond stupid! We all know you hate Hogan with a passion but you still need to acknowledge his place in wrestling history. Out of the people you named none of them other than Bruno can you make a legitimate case for as being ahead of Hogan. Hogan and Bruno had the longest runs as the face’s of the WWF/WWE. Stone Cold and The Rock were not around long enough as the face’s of WWE. Punk isn’t even ahead of Cena let alone Hogan. Bret was NEVER on Hogan’s level! I can see a legitimate case for Bruno but other than him it would have to be Hulk.

          • Chelsii?

            Who cares if Rock and Stone Cold weren’t around as long? Both of them are still more popular than Hogan and had better title reigns than him. That’s enough for either to be #1.

          • Macho Man

            OMG, you seem to live in this world where pro wrestling didn’t exist before 1990 or before the Attitude Era. While I will say that was the most entertaining period of wrestling it was NOT the beginning of wrestling. Do you have any idea how big Bruno and Hogan were back then? And they were that way for YEARS AND YEARS! When you’re that big for that many years to that many fans how can it not matter? It’s Bruno or Hulk. There’s not even a legitimtate case to be made for anyone else!

          • Chelsii?

            That doesn’t even matter, it DOESN’T. Bruno is nowhere near as popular as he is with the modern crowd, why? Because most of the fans from his day are probably dead or moved on. IT DOESN’T MATTER, people like Austin and Rock are more popular than both of them, and always will be. The two of them made more money for Vince than either Bruno or Hulk.

            Get over it, you weren’t even old enough to know of Hulk’s heyday in the 80’s. You bandwagon ass.

          • Macho Man

            That’s funny since I was born in 76 and grew up watching Hogan! I have to agree with just about everyone else that deals with you, you’re not worth the headache. You just don’t get it, and I’m done trying to get it through you’re thick skull! P.S. It goes to show how stupid you are that you think either one of them made more money for Vince then Hulk did, hell Vince is still making money off Hulk!

          • Chelsii?

            I seem to remember you saying a few weeks back you were 26, not 33, but whatever. It’s a known fact that they made more money for Vince than Hogan did, how is he still making money for Vince? They don’t sell any Hogan merchandise anymore in WWE, you really think people are still buying Hulkamania shirts? Jesus.

            No one here gets it, more like.. they all seem to hate the fact that the old and frail no longer have a spot in the world of Wrestling that isn’t hogging it from new and younger talent. Deal with the fact the Huckster is nothing more than a burden, financially and morally. People like you, DMT and the other schmucks are the headache, since you all seem to have these twisted and inaccurate fanboy views.

          • Macho Man

            (A) I’m 37 not 26 or 33. If I keyed something in wrong, s*it happens.(B) Vince makes money off Hogan for things like all the Wrestlemania’s DVD’s, Blu Ray’s that sell and things of that nature that Hogan still gets royalty checks from. Anything related to Hogan’s time in WWF/WWE Vince STILL makes money on.(C) I agree people like Hogan, Flair, Lawler, probably need to exit stage left at some point. However If WWE/TNA are going to pay them to be around and on TV why would they not take the money? You would be dumb not to if you were any of them.(D) I’m STILL waiting for a response to what Hogan has done that is morally worse than what you’re hero Stone Cold did by beating a woman. That is scrapping the bottom of the barrel morally!(E) People like me, DMT and whoever else are realist. We acknowledge what prior wrestlers have done for the business. There’s lots of guys I don’t like that I give they’re due. You know one day Stone Cold and Punk will be as old as Hogan. So will they be nobody’s then? I hate people like you who seem to have knowledge of the business but through you’re blind hate/dislike for someone you give them ZERO credit. You should “RISE ABOVE THE HATE”. I don’t put much stock into these poles usually but considering the results/winners were two guys that are in TNA right now, I might have to start putting a little more stock in them. Seems to me Hogan must of made quite an impression on quite a few generations to STILL be voted as the GREATEST CHAMPION EVER! Ahead of all the more recent guys like SC, Taker, Rock, Cena, Punk, Hart, Michaels, HHH, Lesnar, Angle, (exc). I can tell it hurt you a lot but it’s okay Chelsii, the sun will rise tomorrow!

  • Macho Man

    That just shows how stupid and bias you are. We all know you’re just mad Stone Cold wasn’t voted #1. Get over it and you’re strange obsession with The Hulkster, BROTHER!!!!!!

  • FordOLoads

    TNA guys winning on their polls…that’s funny

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