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Becky Lynch Talks Being Champion, Irish Wrestlers, Favorite Stars Growing Up

Becky Lynch recently spoke with

During the interview she talked about being the first Women’s Champion for Smackdown.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” Lynch said, “The next day over breakfast, I wrote everything down but it still hasn’t hit me. Today, I did a children’s hospital visit, and when the kids saw the title they got so excited. When they were able to hold it, that made it a little bit more real for me, seeing their excitement holding a title belt, because that’s how I feel.”

She went on to discuss the surge in success for Irish wrestlers and how important Finn Balor has been to her career.

“The thing for Irish wrestlers is that it’s so new to us,” Lynch said, “It’s so new. Finn Balor opened up the first [wrestling] school 14-years ago. I was there on day one. We’re not going back too far, and to already have so many champions, from such a small island is unbelievable. Hopefully more Irish wrestlers can join us in the WWE. The possibilities are endless.”

She turned her focus to Balor, “[Finn] is the reason I’m here. He’s a great trainer. He’s had such an impact on my life. I had given up wrestling for seven years and he convinced me to go back. He had a huge impact.”

Lynch discussed life outside the ring.

“I appreciate when people recognise me and come up to me,” She said, “I find that when I’m not in the ring, I like to keep a pretty low profile. Outside of wrestling I don’t really like being the centre of attention. I like the quiet life. Apart from wrestling, I work out, I go home, I watch movies and drink Barry’s Tea. Being recognised or not, it really doesn’t make much of a difference.”

Lynch talked about which pro wrestlers she enjoyed growing up prior to starting her own journey in the business.

“Originally it was Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage when I was a little kid,” She said, “When I got into wrestling again in the Attitude Era, the reason I started watching again was Mick Foley. I just loved him. I always wanted him to win. He was the hook that got me. Then I saw Lita and thought she was the coolest person in the world.”

Lynch concluded with a point about how she views wrestling.

“I look at that as my craft,” She said, “It was something that I absolutely loved. It gives me a major advantage here [in WWE]. It’s all about finding the truth in the script.”

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