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Beth Phoenix Planning WWE Departure For Months, New CM Punk DVD “A Must-Buy”

– Amid rumors that Beth Phoenix will be leaving WWE next month after handing in her notice, Rob Feinstein, who is coordinating an autograph signing next month with her boyfriend Adam “Edge” Copeland, says he has known for months that she would be leaving the sports-entertainment organization. He also says they will be working together after she leaves WWE.

He wrote on his Facebook page, “A ton of people are asking us about Beth Phoenix leaving the company next month. We knew about this a few months ago from our sources and we already plan on doing some signings and other stuff with her when the time permits.”

– David Bixenspan of has written a review of WWE’s upcoming CM Punk DVD and Blu-ray, CM Punk – Best in the World, scheduled for release on October 9 in the United States.

Dubbed a “must-buy,” Bixenspan says of the title, “Everything from his family life, to how he defines family, to his loyalty to his friends, to what drives him to succeed, to what IWA Mid-South and Ring of Honor meant to him, all of his difficulties in WWE; it’s all here. In addition, the chronological narrative is broken up by fun human interest interludes about his tour bus, tattoos, his love of comic books, and more) at the end of each chapter.”

In addition to the 109-minute long documentary, the DVD features 37 minutes of deleted scenes/interviews and two discs of matches.

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  • JR

    It was pretty obvious should would be leaving most divas leave before 32. But besides that look at how her career has gone. I remember her being pretty well booked against Mickie and Melina then the stupid thing with Santino all the way to losing to Kelly Kelly. It’s a shame that they let the ones with real love for the business leave.

  • JR

    she* would

  • Real Kosher

    well that dude just fucked up alot for beth…she just came out the other day and said she wasn’t leaving…lol

  • Mareen

    They ruined Beth’s credibility last year.


    ^ Yeah, beaten by Kelly Kelly, in your own playground, ouch. Then Beaten by Bellas, kayfabe injury included, that’s no excuse to lose to the Bellas she’s mthr f’kin BETH PHOENIX, that was the pin in the ballon.

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