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Big 2013 Feuds Discussed for WWE Star, Maryse Event Photos, NXT Diva Makes TV Debut

- The Miz wasn’t the only one out supporting Maryse at the launch event for her House of Maryse jewelry line in Los Angeles this week. WWE Diva Eve Torres plus former Divas Katrina Waters and The Bella Twins were also there:

eve miz maryse event

nikki kat maryse event

– WWE NXT Diva Sasha Banks made her TV debut at last night’s tapings from Full Sail University, wrestling Paige. The former Mercedes KV tweeted:

“Made my #NXT TV debut against @RealPaigeWWE! So thankful! Dreams do come true. #WWENXT”

– We noted before that WWE has plans to organically turn The Miz to a babyface over the next few months and that one feud discussed for 2013 is against rising star Antonio Cesaro. Other potential feuds for babyface Miz next year include Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • rob

    Miz vs Cesaro will be fucking amazing.

  • Christian

    so ziggler wont be turning face anytime soon but i dont care i m just excited to see some potential rivalries that will be formed when miz turns face

  • Rybork Laserback

    Miz vs Del Rio? Kill me now.

  • Lisa

    I would love to see Miz pushed to main event status as a babyface.
    But why in hell is the WWE considering having him feud with Del Rio, Ziggler, Punk? Those are three of the worst wrestlers to feud with if you are to get over with the fans.
    If that were to happen, Miz would lose his momentum, big time.

  • Brandon

    shut up hoe. Del Rio I can agree with. Ziggler is great and if you watched WWE Main Event they had some decent back and forth on the mic, and Punk is GREAT at getting heat, the two of them together will get Miz over as a face for sure.

  • Brandon

    I don’t understand how you can be so negative all the time. I have wrestlers I’m not a fan of like Del Rio but even I can say something positive about him. The way you talk about Punk its like he took a shit in your purse or something. Lighten up a little.

  • me

    Either Miz V Ziggler or Miz V Punk @ WM 29 in the main event would be AWESOME!

  • XdanielkingX

    Lisa is actually right and not being a cunt for once they won’t get Miz over against Dolph or Punk they’re too popular

  • Abrech

    I disagree with miz not getting over against Ziggler. Unfortunately Ziggler is playing the role of most MITB winners. They win MITB and then lose the majority of their matches until they cash it in to win the title. I look forward to see these new potential feuds with miz being a face

  • JustMe

    Watch Lisa jump off of the bandwagon as soon as John Cena turns heel.

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    damn smoke to much weed

  • Lisa

    Stfu, punk and ziggler suck. I don’t care what the IWC says.

  • TonyT

    I’m surprised they haven’t turned Del Rio….with Mysterio hurt so often, having Del Rio as a latino ‘face’ would certainly help WWE with their Latino fan base.

    It’s been no secret that’s what Mysterio has been used for.

  • Brandon

    Nice comeback Lisa. You don’t have to listen to the IWC and I’m not telling you not to like or dislike certain guys but your reasoning for disliking them sucks, and you flip your lid everytime you read about something positive regarding them. Punk and Ziggler far from suck, they are excelent in the ring, and on the mic, they are two of some of the most complete wrestlers on the roster.

  • Fritz

    Cena isn’t turning. Why can’t you people get that? He can’t even be saved by a heel turn at this point so let’s just move along.

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