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Big AJ Lee Angle at Survivor Series?, What Lilian Will Be Doing for Survivor Series

– Lilian Garcia, who is still out after getting hit by a car several weeks ago in Los Angeles, says she will be live tweeting with fans during Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. She tweeted tonight:

“Miss u all so much that I plan 2 tweet Live on Sunday night as I watch @WWE #SurvivorSeries! So join me & tweet along!! #ItsADate”

– AJ Lee says she’s bringing some evidence of her own, against Vickie Guerrero, to Survivor Series. AJ tweeted tonight:

“So, I have a confession… I have some evidence of my own @ExcuseMeWWE & I will share it at #SurvivorSeries. But this time, you’re the one who’s been caught red handed. What goes around, comes around.”

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  • Jeff

    Has anyone else noticed that WWE doesn’t show full ppv math card graphics on tv anymore like they used to do?

  • The Rock

    why dont you two ladies shove those evidences up each other’s ass?

  • matthew

    This aj storyline is the storyline that won’t end.

  • Lisa

    I love Lilian. I hope she returns soon.
    I have, Jeff.

  • captd

    Has anyone thought that this aj/cena angle reminds them of rock and trish in 2001 except for someone blackmailing them or showing videos and they have yet to kiss each other.

  • JamesBooth

    @the rock, yikes couldn’t have said any better !

  • Brandon

    I honestly can’t wait for this angle to end. If it leads to a dolph Cena match though it’ll almost be worth it. Wonder if it will end up being a mixed tag match.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Well … at least now we know what’s going to be the piss break at SS

  • Dre

    Niggers smell

  • Brody Lawrence

    Oh…yay. The WWE version of Claire Lynch is not just filler for Raw anymore, some “genius” in WWE creative came out with the brilliant idea to use it as PPV filler as well. A piss break indeed. Well I wasn’t going to get it anyway. I have a feeling that many others won’t be buying it now as well.
    Seriously, is there ANY difference at all between Raw and the average PPV now?

  • Brody Lawrence

    To answer my own question, I guess commercial breaks are the only difference.

  • Bane


  • Mark

    Dre, grow the fuck up you pathetic child.

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    looks like the divas match is not gonna be mine pee the middle of the show.why cant we have longer matches put we get this

  • Mick

    This and the Claire Lynch angle are only similar in that the beloved face is accused of having an affair with an authority figure. The Lynch angle featured a lot more senseless twists and turns, to the point that it made you forget the origins, and bare witness to a Maury/Jerry Springer mess of a storyline, that turned out to be a complete bullshit trip by the heels.

    So don’t compare this and Claire Lynch, at least until it’s over. Which by the way, it’s only been 3 weeks since this angle started, how is it an angle that “won’t end?” (in reference to an above comment).

  • Brody Lawrence

    @Mick–Sorry to shine the light of truth onto your WWE rose-colored glasses Mick but the Cena/AJ storyline is undoubtably a rip-off of TNA’s Claire Lynch storyline. I’m sure WWE will put a completely different ending on it in a vain effort to deflect such criticism. The popular opinion going around the Web is that AJ is messing around with Doplh Ziggler which Vickie will find out to her horror. But despite the outcome it’s all to obvious where WWE got the idea for it and those who try to convince the rest of us otherwise just sound like foolish WWE apologists.