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Big Changes Coming To This Year, Shane McMahon Update

Variety has a new article on Stephanie McMahon and in that article, McMahon mentioned that WWE is planning to overhaul as well as expanded in India, China, and South America in 2016.

“The secret to our success is that WWE is truly an interactive brand,” she says. “Our fans are part of our show, and use their voices whether live in the arena, or via social media to express opinions and influence creative direction.”

You On Demand, the company founded by Shane McMahon that distributes Hollywood movies in China, has reshuffled its executive team. Shane is now Vice Chairman.

– Finn Balor posted this tweet about entering the Royal Rumble Match as the first entrant and rumored WWE signee AJ Styles entering as the second entrant.

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  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    If that would happen I honestly think the roof will blow thefuq off

    • Mean Dean

      Once reigns “dominates” the roof will quickly be silenced and filled with boring and boo chants

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