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Big E Injury Update

During last night’s episode of Raw, Big E was crotched hard on the ring post by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The camera zoomed in on E’s face and the largest member of the Tag Team Champions, The New Day, looked to be in considerable pain.

After a commercial break, Michael Cole informed the viewers that Big E had sustained an injury and that an update on his condition would be provided as details became available.

WWE later posted the following regarding the situation:

“WWE Tag Team Champion Big E suffered an injury at the hands of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson following their match on Raw, can confirm.

After Gallows & Anderson pulled Big E groin-first into the turnbuckle at the end of a post-match brawl between Gallows, Anderson and the entirety of The New Day, the WWE Tag Team Champion was taken to the trainer’s room. He underwent several tests and medical examinations, but WWE officials did not confirm the specifics or severity of Big E’s injury at this time.

Stay with for more information as Big E‚Äôs condition is revealed.”

While the Raw broadcast was still on the air, Big E tweeted this:

And then this morning he tweeted this:

It is not entirely clear whether his injury is part of a storyline or whether it’s a shoot and his¬†belly is his new¬†ball sack.

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