Big Elimination Chamber Match, Another WWE Hall of Famer Revealed

- WWE announced on tonight’s RAW that Trish Stratus will be going into the 2013 Hall of Fame class. She joins Mick Foley and Bob Backlund as confirmed names so far.

- CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Title in a rematch from the Royal Rumble is now official for February’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

  • Kedo2

    Exactly … What a bad idea …

  • IamLisa

    Must you disagree with people all the time?
    Well, you do have the right to your opinion and you do have a point because Lita – just like Trish – did attain unprecedented success during her run in the WWE.
    But Trish Stratus is widely regarded as the greater of the two.

    • CMmox

      Stop arguing ladies…. Trish & Lita = The Greatest Divas of all Time, period.

  • Joseph Douglas

    Please give the title back to Punk. It would be the only surprising thing the WWE has done in years.

    • DoingMaThing

      Dude shut up!!! He lost, get over it. You’re being pathetic now

  • CMmox

    Well 2 possible outcomes of the EC rematch can save us of lame Twice in a Lifetime. Either Punk regains (doubt it) or Cena interferes so we won’t see a clear finish. Which will lead to a Triple Threat match: The Rock (c) vs CM Punk vs RR Winner John Cena at WM29.

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