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Big Match for the WWE Title Announced for Hell In a Cell

– It was announced by Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole on tonight’s WWE RAW that a returning John Cena will be facing Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at Hell In a Cell.

Cena wasn’t scheduled to return until around the Royal Rumble.

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  • Alpha_Omega

    He’ll be injured again by the night is out…

  • tmeister

    So how does this make sense again -_-

  • GimmeAHellYeah

    Cena wins. Del Rio brutally attacks him afterwards, Damien Sandow cashes in, Cena kicks out at 2, AA on Sandow, Cena wins!

    • tmeister

      sounds about right

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      I would probably put a foot through my TV if that really happened.

  • Joseph Douglas

    The WWE just cannot have anyone but Cena in the title picture. It would be nice if he lost.

  • Bork Lazer Living Legend

    I was do happy when I heard that Cena was returning. He was expected to be out Atleast 4 months but maybe even 6 months but he returns after 2. That shows how hard he works for everything he has.

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