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Big Name Returning to RAW?, Cena vs. The Rock II Not Happening?, More

– There has been talk of trying to get The Rock to return to RAW in the next few weeks to help boost ratings.

– Michael Hayes has been pushing hard to keep WrestleMania Season “simple” with The Rock defeating WWE Champion CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and the losing the title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. At this point, nothing is set in stone.

At least one person on the WWE creative team has suggested that they not do Rock vs. Cena II at all. The argument is that there are no more one-time-only dream matches, there haven’t been any in years and there aren’t really any that can be done anytime in the near future – at least dream matches of the magnitude of Cena vs. Rock.

With that said, chances are slim that Rock-Cena II won’t happen because they want WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble to be huge this year.


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  • Richie

    What happened to all that “ONE TIME ONLY, ONCE IN A LIFETIME” crap they shoved down our throats the last couple months before Mania of Rock/Cena 1? Now they wanna do another match! Way to waste money on promoting the “once in a lifetime” campaign crap!

    And i WOULD NOT put the title on the Rock! Not unless he can be there EVERY WEEK while he is the champion! The champion NEEDS to be able to be there every week! The WWE SHOULD BE the champion’s TOP priority…and we know that is not the case with the Rock!

  • The Juice

    Michael Hayes can eat a dick.

  • Dr Shelby

    nice to know one member of the creative team has some sense..

  • Tyler Davis

    And by “simple” you mean that the easy way out and be super predictable and make tons of people hate the product?

  • XdanielkingX

    The Rock scarcely improved the SS and WM28 buyrates but nevertheless WWE just look past the Summerslam buyrate which Brock Lesnar doubled from the previous year. Brock vs Taker/Punk/The Ryback. Rock vs Cena as the dar match for the 8 year olds and people who still think it’s 1999.

  • Chelsii.

    ^As much as I’m not a fan of Dwayne, he did single handedly make WM28 the best selling one of all time.

  • matthew

    So sick of cena and his dorky fans

  • RCmaster305

    thank god and here i am thinking everyone in wwe creative were idiots

  • Brandon

    Punk vs Brock. Brock cost Punk the title Heyman manages both guys.
    Rock vs Taker for WWE Title. If you want to capatalize on the Undertakers last match it is the best way. Taker wins Rumble and beats Rock. He leaves the title in the ring and a big tournament starts. Like a 3 month tournament starts. Everyone is in it. Bring in NXT and guys from Japan
    Sheamus vs Orton vs Del Rio WHC
    Bryan/Kane vs your flavor of the month
    Mysterio vs Cara Mask vs Mask
    US title vs IC title
    MITB match with at least 6-8 guys.
    Cena vs Ryback. I think Ryback turns heel at HIAC as nd aligns with Punk.

  • rob

    fuck hayes

  • Joseph

    @Chelsii How did Rock single handedly make Wrestlemania the biggest one of all time? I bought Wrestlemania and it had nothing to do with Rock vs Cena. Your comment is a slap in the face to every guy and girl in the company.

  • Fritz

    Chelsii is a fucktard but is correct this time.

  • Mayback

    Serious its all about making money,Rock-Cena will make more buys for Wrestlemania because there arent any more big time matches remaining and Unless Brock fights Taker,the next Wrestlemania is not gonna look like a big event.Thank God must of you arent in the creative

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