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Big Nostalgia Plans for the 1000th RAW, Why Striker Replaced Lilian, WWE In TN

– Devin sent the following: WWE returns to the Knoxville Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee on Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at 5 PM.

– Matt Striker replaced Lilian Garcia as announcer at weekend live events because Garcia was with family in South Carolina. She posted the following good news:

“In SC w my dad celebrating the fact that his test results came back negative 4 Cancer. Been a rough few months waiting 4 results! #OverJoyed”

– WWE has reached out to 20-30 former stars about appearing on the big three-hour 1,000th RAW Supershow on July 23rd. The plan is to feature a lot of nostalgia and cameos on that show.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • some guy

    sounds good and all but why dont they change up the raw logo, theme and set for the 1000th episode and beyond, like they did with Homecoming, Family Reunion etc

  • Jerihoar

    They probably will change up the theme and more..

  • DeanDuck

    Hopefully ‘Taker will appear on the show, not to mention Stone Cold.

  • The Original Jeff W.

    Taker has to appear on the show. There’s no way they can pass up having him be at the first and 1000th episodes of Raw.

  • DeanDuck

    It sure would be great to see the Deadman. He should get out more often. Wonder what the odds are of Rocky showing up?

  • rob

    almost 100% stone cold will be there
    the rock might be shooting a movie
    undertaker maybe

  • Dro

    I would love for Taker to show up, but really? Wrestle mania is months away… Dwayne will show up, via satellite, so much for being home and not leaving… Michaels will show up… I have a feeling the Hitman and Edge will show up as well… Now, they do need a new song for Raw, that nickel back crap sucks. The old Raw theme by Papa Roach was awesome. I remember singing along to it at Live Raw shows!

  • Ant

    Union Underground theme is probably the best Raw, or WWE theme ever. Should have never gotten rid of it.